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Tech Cocktail

Is Your Data Big Enough?


At what point does your data become big data? What’s the threshold? Do you need a petabyte of data for it to be classified as big data, or do you qualify with an exabyte? To be honest, there is no real answer to that question, and regardless, it’s arbitrary anyways. Unfortunately, so many businesses are… Read more »

What Code Should You Learn in 2015? [Infographic]


As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to think about our plans for 2015.  Learning how to code may be in your list of resolutions, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a skill that is in high demand, with employers looking to hire people with proficiency, technical knowledge, and the ability to obtain and process… Read more »

8 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress


In a cruel twist of fate, the “most wonderful time of the year” can also be the most stressful. Holiday stress is insidious. Suddenly, a list of to-do’s materializes out of nowhere: buy gifts for every single relative, bake an exquisite home-cooked meal, and spend large chunks of time where obsessively checking your email would… Read more »

Nintendo to Release Duck Hunt on Christmas Day


Christmas is coming early for Nintendo Wii U owners! Nintendo confirmed that the classic game Duck Hunt, will be available on their Virtual Console on December 25th. You will spend your holidays shooting birds, where you will use a Wii remote in place of the iconic orange NES Zapper light gun (we can’t have it all). No… Read more »

Tips to Prepare for a Successful Mobile App Launch


The mobile applications market is not just about making an application and launching it on the respective app store. The growth in this industry has made mobile applications business more critical so as to make it more dynamic and revenue ensuring. Marketing indeed comes into the picture once the business starts to develop at any… Read more »

Mega Last-Minute Tech Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Mega Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2014

If you’re like me, you have been putting off your holiday shopping and will likely turn to a power hour (or two) of online shopping frenzy for last-minute gifts. My goal is to help you to come up with great ideas for some wonderful and thoughtful last-minute gifts. And, don’t just take my word for… Read more »

The LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, RealConnex, Raises $3.5M in Series A Funding


Miami-based startup RealConnex announced today that it has raised $3.5 million Series A financing round led by Star Capital. RealConnex connects the real estate ecosystem in one online platform, so professionals in the industry can have access to each other and scope out opportunities, in real time. According to The Starting Gate, the new funding will be used… Read more »

mxHero Integrates Citrix ShareFile For Better Email Management and Cloud Storage


San Francisco-based startup mxHero announced that their Mail2Cloud product suite now supports Citrix ShareFile, a secure file sync and sharing solution, for better email management, security, and collaboration. Those using ShareFile users can now seamlessly connect and integrate their email and cloud storage services using Save & Share, Retriever and Fusion. “We’re thrilled to bring… Read more »

Invisible Children to Shut Down in 2015: Lessons for Entrepreneurs


This week, the nonprofit organization best known for the KONY 2012 campaign, Invisible Children, announced that it will close its San Diego, California, headquarters and cease operations by 2015. In 2012 they became famous with their campaign to “End a War” in Uganda and find Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a violent Christian fundamentalist group led by Joseph Kony. The… Read more »

17 Entrepreneurs Share Their Christmas Work Hours


On Thanksgiving, we confirmed the fact that entrepreneurs are work addicts and love to check their email between bites of turkey. But is the same thing true of Christmas? Is nothing sacred in this world? Not quite. When I asked entrepreneurs whether they’d be working on Christmas and Christmas Eve, I got a whole lot… Read more »

This Startup Could Be The Final Credit Card Change You Make


If you are reading this now I would wager you probably have a credit card. I would wager you probably have multiple credit cards. I would wager you have probably used those credit cards throughout this festive holiday season to purchase gifts, gas, a warm hot chocolate, and many other day-to-day purchases people never generally… Read more »

Scrum Methodology Is for Everyone — Not Just Engineers


In “Silicon Valley,” there’s a scene where Jared, the uptight business adviser, attempts to extoll the virtues of scrum methodology to his pack of misfit programmers. The two engineers stare blankly at Jared as he manically shows them his carefully aligned wall of Post-it note tasks. It’s a funny scene, but it also accurately depicts… Read more »