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Tech Cocktail

The Startup Road Warrior: Healthy Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs

healthy_travel (1)

Another day, another airport. Nashville, Tennessee. Melbourne, Florida. Hartford, Connecticut. Boston, Massachusetts. That was my January. And that’s the life of an entrepreneur. Growing the business means being on the road, but it makes my New Year’s resolutions all that much more difficult. Working out? Sure, totally normal to do squats and burpees in the… Read more »

Justyn Howard: Good Things Ahead for Chicago Startup Scene [VIDEO]


In the past year alone, the Chicago startup scene has gained a lot of attention for having increased its voice in the national tech discussion. With more successful acquisitions and IPOs, enthusiasm for startups has led to the creation of a more supportive community than was previously available. Justyn Howard thinks that there’s really nowhere to go but… Read more »

Scott Case: Luck Isn’t About Getting Lucky [VIDEO]


If I challenged you to strike up a conversation with a random neighbor, would you do it? According to Scott Case, refusing to do so may keep you from future opportunities. When people talk about startup success, they tend to reference the significance of luck or how certain startups got lucky. Case insists that luck… Read more »

Aziz Gilani: The Series A Crunch is a Sign of a Healthy Startup Ecosystem [VIDEO]


While certainly disconcerting for startups nearing the end of their seed funding, the Series A crunch is something that people shouldn’t be freaking out about. At least, that’s according to Aziz Gilani. Gilani is a director at the Mercury Fund, a seed- and early-stage VC based out of Houston. From his particular standpoint, he asserts that the point of… Read more »

How To Talk Nerdy And Influence People


 If you are a startup founder, product manager, user experience designer or otherwise playing any role that may influence a product in any way, shape, or form, you need to get familiar with BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model. I have made it my mission at my startup Speek, where we are making conference calls fast and… Read more »

How Home-Based Entrepreneurs Can Be Productive, Not Just Busy


According to Forbes, 52 percent of small businesses in the US are home-based. Proper time management is a key factor, if not the most important element of any successful business, but it can be especially challenging for entrepreneurs who work out of the home. Working from home means that you’ll have to battle numerous distractions, overcome… Read more »

Gadget Made by a 16-Year-Old Could Decrease Your Energy Bills


These days, 16-year-old Ameer Sami’s schedule is pretty routine: eat, sleep, play video games, try to change the world. One night in May, Sami fell asleep with the lights on and woke up to his mother scolding him about wasting electricity. Instead of getting defensive like many teenagers might, he decided to do something about… Read more »

11 Stellar Startup Giveaways: Your Ultimate Schwag Inspiration Guide

startup schwag

Startup Schwag. It’s the perfect symbiosis.  You give person X something necessary to his/her life, person X gives you free advertising.  Unfortunately, this practice has become such common practice, that (like all marketing) entrepreneurs must now discover new and creative ways to fill the gaps of our lives.  Sorry to say it, but t-shirts, sunglasses,… Read more »

9 Online Tools Teachers Can Use to Help Students Succeed


We all know that education is more than books, paper, and pencils. To reach today’s students, teachers need to be tech-savvy and keep up on the latest innovations. As we all know, kids will generally learn better when they have fun and engage more of their senses. Some of these online tools help teachers connect with… Read more »

A Firsthand Look into the Role of an Entrepreneur-in-Residence


I’ve been entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at two academic institutions (the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and currently, Northern Illinois University), and I had a similar role (but slightly different title) at Argonne National Laboratory. Lately people have been asking, “What does an EIR do?” There’s no unambiguous answer to this question, but I can shed some light… Read more »