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3 Tips to Success for Hardware Startups

hardware startups

Succeeding with a startup is extremely difficult.  It’s both costly and risky.  This is even more so with a hardware startup. With a hardware startup you must work especially smart because any mistakes are more costly. Below are three tips that I learned from my startup that will greatly improve your chances of success with your… Read more »

Sketch Collages and Notes with Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf sketches

Until you use it, you may not realize how helpful a quick note-taking app can be. Take me, for example: For sketches, I used pencil and paper, but recently I turned to Loose Leaf, and I have to say that it saved my day a couple times. Loose Leaf combines a limited set of tools… Read more »

Coworking Space for Women-Only Opens in Dallas [PHOTOS]

Kaleidoscope Women Coworking

Last Friday, an incubator and coworking space for women only launched in downtown Dallas called The Kaleidoscope for Her. The space will host events and courses for women, including one-month, two-month, and four-month programs to help them test their business ideas, get them off the ground, and grow. Depending on which option you select, membership… Read more »

Graphic Design Delivery is Broken, Says Design Pickle

graphic design

It’s routine practice: you need a graphic designer, so you hire a freelancer, firm, or in-house staff to meet the need. Design Pickle doesn’t like that though, because they think the graphic design delivery system is broken. The problem that Design Pickle diagnosed is that graphic design firms and freelancers can’t run a profitable business… Read more »

3 Lists That Will Make You a Productivity Badass

To Do List

On Saturday, life coach and poet Jeff Zettel took to the stage at the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to share his three-part productivity system. It all boils down to three lists that help Zettel clarify his priorities, translate them into action, and plan his day: “Big rocks”: Goals that he wants to achieve… Read more »

Programming for Non-Programmers: It’s Time You Learn

One Month programming

It’s kind of overwhelming if you’re interested in programming but have little to no prior knowledge of how to program. That’s why One Month today announced the launch of their Programming for Non-Programmers course. The course will be taught by Chris Castiglione, and it will teach students the essentials of development while simultaneously providing them the tools… Read more »

Pinterest Is for White People [STUDY]


Last week, Pew Research Center reported on a study looking at which social networks are used by white, black, and Latino Internet users. Unsurprisingly, everyone overwhelmingly prefers Facebook – 73% of Latinos, 67% of blacks, and 71% of whites have an account. Beyond that, social media use seems to differ quite a bit among different races:… Read more »

AddShoppers Releases Complete 2014 Social Commerce Data


AddShoppers recently released a whole pot of analyzed data surrounding the breakdown of 2014 social commerce. The team took 10,000 ecommerce websites worldwide that use the AddShoppers platform, tapping into the data of 304 million unique shoppers in 2014. To date the platform powers social commerce for over 10,000 brands including The Economist, NCR, O’Neil Clothing,… Read more »

Over 40 and Thinking About Learning to Code?

learning to code over 40

It is said when you are young, learning is easier, but it’s also true that learning has got nothing to do with age. So, if you’re over the age of 40, and planning to pick up a valuable new skill like programming, remember this:  Age is just a number. A desire to learn is more… Read more »

Building a Website with WYSIWYG Editors: Pros and Cons

web design apps

A ‘visuals first’ design impacts people’s behavior on the web greatly. Because users do not normally prefer to read large batches of text, beautiful visuals are required to make a website attractive. People appreciate visual beauty in all aspects of their lives, so why should web development be an exception? What You See Is What You… Read more »

Top 20 Cities for Singles

Top 20 Cities for Singles

I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day – a day to look at the several ways through which couples try (and fail) to impress their significant others; it’s great. Except, just kidding. I actually very much hate Valentine’s Day – not so much for the very public displays of affection (although, those morning posts on each… Read more »

Don’t Lose Your Authenticity as an Entrepreneur

Jennifer Paige

When Jennifer Paige was in college, she was in a car accident that took the lives of both her parents. The last thing her mother said to her was: Where do you want to go? Paige has taken up that question as a guiding star in her entrepreneurial career, reminding her to follow her own… Read more »

Women in Tech Who Are Shaking Up Silicon Valley


Sure, we’ve all heard of Ariana Huffington and Marissa Mayer, but what about some of the other women in the tech field? Beyond the household names, there is an ever-growing group of female tech stars leading and founding tech startups. Keep reading below for a list of women who are making moves in the tech… Read more »

Next to Love, Nothing Consumes People like Workplace Issues


According to Janine Yancey, President and CEO of Emtrain, next to romantic problems nothing consumes people more than workplace issues. However, the current HR training landscape doesn’t sufficiently motivate people to improve their workplace relations. Emtrain wants to shift that paradigm though, because work efficiency and congeniality affect peoples’ lives on a daily basis. By… Read more »