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The Formula Behind High-Achieving Employees

how to predict successful candidates

When we interview candidates, we often try to predict achievement by looking at past success. But what if we could measure achievement more directly? In Flourish, psychologist Martin Seligman sets out a simple formula for achievement: achievement = skill x effort Here’s what that means for your next hiring interview.  Skill Skill has three components:… Read more »

After $192M IPO, GrubHub’s Mike Evans Embarks on New Venture: Biking Across America


“I’m quitting my job and riding my bike from Virginia to California!” And so goes the first line in a blog post written earlier this month by GrubHub cofounder Mike Evans. After working on GrubHub these last twelve years, and successfully raising a much higher than anticipated initial public offering of $192 million, Evans has decided to take… Read more »

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?


Should entrepreneurship be taught? Whenever raised, this question brings on a passionate debate amongst entrepreneurs. Brian Breslin, founder of Refresh Miami and InfiniMedia, recently posted this question to his network on Facebook, which sparked an interesting debate amongst Miami entrepreneurs. Some people were against the notion of entrepreneurship being taught in a seminar, saying: “Nope. It can’t be… Read more »

How to Give Negative Feedback Without Shaming People


When’s the last time you sat down and had an honest, open conversation with a team member about their performance? Or got such feedback yourself, for that matter? “Today’s organizations are so metrics-focused in their evaluation of performance that giving, receiving, and soliciting valuable feedback ironically has become rare,” says researcher Brené Brown. Even if… Read more »

Endorsements: If You Build It, They Will Come

Photo by: Mindy

Recently, over 20.6 million people tuned in to see if California Chrome would be the first horse in over three decades to win horseracing’s elusive Triple Crown, almost a 300% increase in viewers over last year. That kind of exposure to millions of Americans is precious to advertisers and marketers, and we all dream of… Read more »

Breakthroughs in Technology: What to Expect For The Future


We’ve all seen the new Google Glass — the wearable computer that allows users to communicate with the Internet using voice commands. It’s truly a breakthrough in technology, however, there are many other exciting new products and advances that may change the way we look at the world around us. Here is a quick look… Read more »

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Will Join Steve Case on ‘Rise of the Rest Road Trip’


It was announced yesterday that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker will join Steve Case on his Rise of the Rest Road Trip, the four-city tour through developing startup ecosystems (Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Nashville) in an effort to spotlight the successes of startups outside of Silicon Valley. Pritzker – who also serves as the chair… Read more »

Top 5 Most Useless Websites, According To Teens


Think you’re surfing the web with the cool kids? If one or more of your most visited site is on the list below, your probably not. A research led by Startup Niche surveyed the teens on their media habits, and the findings shed a light on the tech companies have the attention of tomorrow’s savvy users. It’s no surprise that… Read more »

Technology +Talent + Culture = Vox Media Formula to Success

Jim Bankoff Sessions

Content is King, but not what helped Vox Media raise capital and trust of investors. It takes more than that, there is a formula. That formula was shared by Vox Media’s CEO Jim Bankoff talk during Tech Cocktail Sessions, to a crowd of entrepreneurs in Crystal City Wednesday night. Tech Cocktail’s Frank Gruber led the… Read more »

From 0 to 60: An Actionable Plan for Starting Social Media Marketing

Revving Up Social Media Marketing

Since even the CIA is now on Twitter, we know that every company should be using social media marketing. Getting started is a process of testing the waters of various social media channels, like Facebook and Pinterest. With so many different services popping up, each with their own rules and requirements, it’s hard to know… Read more »

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman on Founder Depression: “You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.”


In a blog post written last weekend, Y Combinator president Sam Altman brought to light the necessity for startup founders to talk about the issues they’re facing and the emotions they’re feeling rather repressing these notions of depression. Reporting on and writing about the startup scene has been a truly rewarding experience for me. Oftentimes,… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal Spotlights Miami-Based Open English


The Wall Street Journal recently published a feature on Miami-based startup Open English, led by Andres Moreno, which is now valued at an estimated $350 million. WSJ focused on the company’s tremendous growth that includes raising an estimated $120 million in venture capital, “underscoring the market potential of Latin America’s fast-growing middle class and the new… Read more »

Bon Voyage! It’s Easier Than Ever to Travel


Travel used to be only for the old and wealthy. Vacations would be for families who wanted to go to Disney World or fanny packing through the battered roads of popular European cities. The rise of technology startups has opened up travel to a whole new generation. It is now possible for almost anyone, anywhere,… Read more »

Alibaba Updates IPO information and Reveals Partners


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding revealed today the members of its powerful 27-person partnership and board. In an updated prospectus for what could be the largest tech IPO in history, Alibaba said the partnership includes founder Jack Ma, Executive Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai and former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Group J Michael Evans. Alibaba… Read more »

Making Your Startup Team Happy: You’re Doing It Wrong

happy startup team

According to the latest happiness research, happiness is not the goal we’re all pursuing. That means if you’re trying to make your startup team happy, you’re doing it wrong. In Flourish, Martin Seligman explains why the concept of happiness is inadequate. How come people have children, even though studies show that having children doesn’t bring… Read more »

The Craziness of Online Dating

online dating

Online dating has never been more popular. In fact, according to a study done in 2013 by Pew Research Center, 10% of Americans aged 18-24 have used online dating sites or apps. It would not be surprising if that number were significantly higher today. The overwhelming number of apps being released on a daily basis… Read more »