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A Successful Growth Cycle Depends upon Inception

inception growth hacking

Josh Elman, partner at Greylock (which has invested in AirBnB, DropBox, Pandora, and more) and past product master for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; knows how to engineer growth. In this video podcast from Launch Incubator’s This Week in Startups, Elman shares his secrets to a successful growth cycle. This podcast, by the way, is also available via iTunes Audio. “Everybody signs… Read more »

7 Apps That Help You Organize your Closet and Revamp Your Style

organization apps

Technology can help you clean out your closet by making the process more effective, so that you can keep your wardrobe organized. This can help you save time and money. There are a few apps in the market that work as a digital wardrobe stylist, by identifying trends and developing looks based on what you have in… Read more »

VenVelo Raises $1.3M to Invest In Florida Startups


Winter Park-based venVelo announced that it had closed its latest funding round of $1.3 million. The early-stage venture fund is one of the most active in central Florida with a portfolio that includes companies from all over Florida. They include: FlexReceipts, GENICON, Kairos, mCast Networks, Spectrum Bridge, Splyt, Thrive Ice Cream, Vigilant Biosciences, and Zentila. “The confidence of… Read more »

A Guide to Power Naps for Entrepreneurs

power naps

We’ve all been there: The time is around 2pm and you’re in your office feeling sleepy and unproductive. First of all, you should know that this is normal; it’s your body cycle at work, and every 24 hours, you have two periods of intense sleepiness. Instead of going for a third –or fifth–cup of coffee, why… Read more »

Which Marketing Techniques Should you Adopt in the Year 2015?

marketing trends

With the progress of marketing techniques beyond “buzzword shifts”, 2015 is sure to witness further marketing changes. There are multiple forces shaping these changes and it’s important to understand how they will manifest themselves. Here is a rundown on the top marketing changes which are going to take place in the year 2015. Ad retargeting… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Find App Testing from Real Users

app testing user party

Even though every app has bugs, launching an app in the beta stage runs the risk of receiving negative reviews. Once an app is in the marketplace, users want it to be perfect, no questions asked. So, how do you get genuine feedback without affecting the ratings? Building your app and app testing is not an… Read more »

Here Are the Top Feeder Schools You Should Attend If You Want a Job at Google, Apple, or Facebook

Top Feeder Schools to Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon

As the spring semester approaches, college students across the country are all likely busily brushing up their resumes and diligently applying and interviewing for jobs at some of the top companies in the world. I remember it fondly, from both friends and random people alike – the nervous and stressed tension as we waited for responses from potential… Read more »

One Month’s Learning Library Teaches Tech Skills in Under a Minute


Lately it seems like everywhere I turn, One Month is building up their online course selections or offering scholarships for women in tech. Continuing the trend, One Month this week launched a new initiative called The Learning Library, a free resource that houses over 100 topics related to coding, design, and entrepreneurship. These bite-sized snippets of information… Read more »

New Study Suggests That Men Who Take Selfies Might Be Psychopaths

Men Who Take Selfies May be Psychopaths

Sorry, guys, but if you’re all about that #selfie life, then you might be a psychopath. According to new research from The Ohio State University, men who posted more selfie pictures of themselves scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy. Further, men who took the time to edit their pictures before posting them to… Read more »

How to Navigate the Land Mine of Press Embargoes

Burned Out Blogger's guide to pr jason kincaid

To journalists, press embargoes are something we have to deal with, not ideal but part and parcel of the job. To entrepreneurs, press embargoes can be a land mine. A press embargo is when a company makes an announcement with the agreement that it won’t be published until a later date and time. Why are… Read more »

Gary Vaynerchuk Lessons On Startup Hustle: “Every Minute Counts”


The startup world belongs to those who hustle. Strategies are great, but it all comes down to implementation. The Harvard Review Business published a report on competitive strategy and the importance of hustling. “Businesses characterized by ease of entry, fast action, and service intensity are like poker, not chess. While it is important to understand and… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Use Responsive Website Design

responsive web design

The introduction of smart devices and their ease of availability have shifted the use of the internet, from desktop PCs to hand-held smart devices. A research suggests that the year 2015 will witness internet usage on mobile devices to match the usage on desktops. This means that all businesses should ensure that their websites are… Read more »