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Apple is the Most Innovative Company of 2014 [RANKINGS]


The Boston Consulting Group recently released its annual report on the world’s most innovative companies. And, for the ninth year in a row, Apple has been designated this year’s most innovative company. Not surprisingly, 7 of the top 10 spots are taken up by technology and communications companies, with Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and IBM rounding off… Read more »

Y Combinator Launches Female Founder Stories


If you missed the announcement Wednesday in a pre-Thanksgiving haze, make sure you check out Y Combinator’s Female Founder Stories, a collection of 40 interviews with Y Combinator alumni on their entrepreneurial journey. Those interviews include Jessica Mah, founder of inDinero; Susan Johnson, founder of; and The Muse cofounders Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos…. Read more »

Science Can Explain Why You Hate Mondays


Science can explain a lot of things, even how you hate a Monday like today. So now drink that coffee, and maybe this will help you understand why Mondays are particularly difficult days:   1. Your Sleep Pattern Changes during the Weekend And it’s not in the way you expect. According to an article published on Mental Floss,… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of a Productive Morning [INFOGRAPHIC]

141016-Entrepreneur_Mornings-WC_EP_NR LONG

This morning when I first woke up, the first thing I did was stress out about all the things I had to get done today. Sadly, worrying about my to-do list right at the beginning of the day can actually have the paradoxical effect of creating a not-so-productive day. At least, that’s according to a… Read more »

Drone Surveys Abandoned Civilization near Chernobyl Site


We know that drones are highly useful for tasks that are not safe or appropriate for humans. Drone technologists refer tho this as the 3 Ds of drone usage: Dull, Dirty, or Dangerous. A perfect case in point: the drone’s eye view surveillance footage provided by documentarian Danny Cooke of the once-thriving town of Pripyat, evacuated… Read more »

Infographic: How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale

First eCommerce Sale Dima

Ecommerce now accounts for about 10% of all retail sales and in the U.S alone, and online retail sales are expected to easily reach $300 billion over the next twelve months. How ever you look at it, eCommerce is a vital part of running a retail business these days and whether you run a small… Read more »

5 Early Truths on the Founder’s Journey: The Startup Podcast

startup podcast

Everywhere you turn today, you are hearing about Serial Podcast. This journalistic audio narrative, from the creators of This American Life, is convincing an increasing number of NPR fans that podcasts are the latest thing. But it’s been almost two years since the Adam Carolla podcast became a target of a patent troll claim, and it’s… Read more »

Fate Brought Three Alumni Together Around Entrepreneurship


Back in the 1940s and 1950s fraternities and sororities would put old study materials, like the previous year’s exams, in coffers – or treasure chests as some might call them. At Virginia Tech, the tradition is still alive today, but Michael Rihani, the co-founder and CEO of, has brought it into the digital age…. Read more »

There are Strong Similarities Between Detroit and DTLV


Anthony Montalbano, the co-founder of AMBR Detroit, is a Michigan local who spent the majority of his life taking trips into Detroit for sporting events and concerts. And while the city has had a historically bad reputation, everything changed when Dan Gilbert moved Quicken Loans to Detroit in 2010. There were, and still are, abandoned… Read more »

We Should be in a Golden Age for Math Education


How many of you out there think math is an important part of education? Also, how many of you really, truthfully enjoyed taking math courses in school? The resounding response to the former is that math plays a crucial role in education, but the latter response would indicate that most of us didn’t enjoy our… Read more »