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Read Entrepreneur Stories on How They Got Their First 3 Customers

First 3 Customers

Sure, you’ve finalized a great service or product, but how are you going to attract your first customers or users? For many startups, after the initial step of creating a working product, the next arduous task is to create the perfect strategy for user acquisition. Without users or customers actually engaging with what you’re offering… Read more »

11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Developer/Programmer

design a website

Developing a website can be compared to solving a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes the picture looks fine, but when viewed closely, some pieces are not in the right places. A website may function properly for some time, but when a change or any update is made, the site fails to work efficiently. Avoiding the developers who will… Read more »

Websites vs. Physical Stores: Online Business Trends for 2015

web shopping

Over the last few years, we saw companies of all sizes embracing digital media for the most critical business processes. In the realm of sales and marketing, the online ecosystem has virtually become a default channel for activities such as product or service promotion and increasing customer loyalty. We can see this in the example… Read more »

Why You Should Read More Books in 2015

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Last night, instead of being a fun human being and partying it up at a wild New Year’s Eve party, I spent the evening cooking a pot of blanquette de veau, sitting around in my parents’ living room, and finishing up a few books before the start of the new year. Sure, it’s lame, and… Read more »

Running vNext on OSX and Linux


A preview of the latest platform, vNext, has been released by Microsoft. It is completely open-source and has cross-platform capabilities. vNext embraces non-Windows hosts as first-class citizens. It takes things to the next level and empowers developers to deploy their own version of the .Net framework on an application basis. vNext is: Unification of… Read more »

15 Time Wasters to Avoid If You Want to Be More Successful in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]


A thing that’s great: binge watching episodes of The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. A thing that’s even better: doing said Netflix watching whilst openly refusing to read through the Chinese language review book I bought for myself months ago. A thing that’s terrible: both things do not, at all, benefit the development of my productivity skills (unsurprisingly). For 2015,… Read more »

TINYpulse announces $3.5M Series A Funding


TINYpulse, a Seattle-based provider of employee engagement software, announced that it has closed $3.5 million in Series A funding to accelerate the company’s growth and customer momentum. The funding round was lead by Baseline Ventures led the investment, Harrison Metal and other undisclosed strategic investors. TINYpulse was founded in 2012 by David Niu, who also co-founded… Read more »

How to Hack Hacker News and Get Thousands of Views


Ah, Hacker News – a blessing and a curse for startups trying to drive traffic to their site. Submit an interesting blog post of yours, word it the right way, and you could see thousands of people visiting your website and commenting. Make a slight tweak, and you could fall into oblivion – despite asking… Read more »

The Digital Office: 5 Ways to Increase Productivity in 2015

productivity brain gears

Productivity tools are more in-demand than ever, as evidenced by the dramatic rise of IRC startup Slack in 2014. Working for a startup might mean you’ve got a lot of hats to wear and a lot of tasks to manage, and living in the digital age means that there are constant distractions available everywhere you… Read more »

Here’s a Survival Guide for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Survival Guide for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is hot – and Millennials everywhere are choosing to take the entrepreneur route than the more traditionally popular course into corporate America. According to data gathered in 2013 by Rasmussen College, of those Millennials currently at the typical 9-to-5 job, 71 percent desire to quit and work for themselves, with 60 percent claiming that they plan to leave… Read more »