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5 Responses to “Springpad Launches 3.0 Today, Turning Social Discovery On Its Head”



    Thanks for the write up but I think this new launch will be the end of Spingpad for me.

    1. The new notebooks are HUGE on the screen
    2. I just tried the "hide complete" function and it doesn't even work. Option to hide completed tasks once for all without having to set it over and over again has been a long standing issue that gets much attention on getstatisfaction yet they did nothing to fix this.
    3. The data connection is bad, which ultimately might be their undoing with the centralized model.
    4. I am not a social networking person, I don't need the social networking component whatsoever.

    With no disrespect Springpad seems to be brilliant of generating positive PR as there are a truckload of website singing its praises and the customer help people are very friendly. At the end of the day, the product falls flat.

    Good bye Springpad, hello Evernote.

  2. Keith

    Springpad's update was ill-planned and not tested. Customer base will soon be dropping like dead flys.

  3. jim

    What are you thinking???? The new update stinks! I should not have to wade around trying to figure the new update out. Who is the idiot that came up with this outline. Evernote now has a new customer.



    Springpad ceased being an effective tool for me with the latest update. If I were a child or into scrapbooking, this service would be ideal, but I'm not. I will permanently switch to Evernote or even OneNote because these programs allow one to use their service for professional and personal interests whereas Springpad 3.0's design favors the latter. Essentially Springpad fills your screen with oversized notebooks with limited functionality and customization and they have dumbed down their product to match the pinterest flavor of the month. So if you have 40 cats or have the attention span of a gnat, congrats, you now have a tool.


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