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Tech Cocktail

Tim Hines of Business Traveler Social: Find a Technical Cofounder!


I’m an “idea man.” I’m really good at brainstorming remarkable, new thoughts into this world (a TV show about narwhal fairy princesses!). The problem, however, lies in the fact that I’m utterly inept when it comes to actually making these ideas a reality. Paul Allen, the cofounder of Microsoft, actually wrote a memoir bearing the same… Read more »

WeDeliver and the Importance of Taking Things Slow


“Slow and steady wins the race.” A platitude, for sure, but one with a lesson that continues to be applicable in many aspects of our lives. In my own life, I apply such a philosophy when putting on pants. Sure, it may take me a while to put them on – because 1) I loathe… Read more »

8 Apps for Exploring the City This Independence Day Weekend


For most (or, at least, me), Independence Day is the official marker of summer’s arrival. There’s nothing like a good barbecue and some time outdoors with friends and family to remind us of good ol’ American ideals. Plus, fireworks are pretty cool. But how are you going to fill the rest of your time? Whether you’re… Read more »

Reach New, Local Customers with Real-Time Offers on UMeTime


With the emergence of services like Google Offers and Groupon, businesses big, small, and in between are utilizing digital coupons and offers to increase their sales. Tim Rothwell and Brett Berman, cofounders of UMeTime, observed an overlooked gap in this industry trend. How can business owners use couponing services to acquire new customers and increase business… Read more »

Handii, The Uber of Servicemen, Wins Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startup


Last night, as part of Tech Cocktail Week’s Mixer and Startup Showcase in Downtown Las Vegas, Handii was announced the hottest showcasing startup. The Las Vegas-based startup is aiming to become the Uber of handymen.  Users start simply by entering their address, tap the Handii button, and a Handii (i.e. handyman) arrives to their location… Read more »

Find Dog-Friendly Places and People with Where My Dogs At


Dog owners and their loyal companions share similar characteristics. They are approachable, affectionate, passionate, fun-loving, social, energetic, and silly. Dog owners take on the personalities of their dogs…or is it dogs who take on the personalities of their owners? Jonathan Kolker, cofounder and CEO of Where My Dogs At, believed that dog owners and their four-legged… Read more »

Meet and Treat New Connections with myTreat


In recent years, online meeting sites and applications have focused on bringing the online connection offline for in-person meetings. The only problem is, these online sites are primarily focused on dating. Eric Lai and Ben Tao saw this as an opportunity to build a solution for users who want to make real-world connections online, but… Read more »

Traffic App: Finding the right places – Where to eat and where to go from the people you trust


Recently, I’ve been looking in the cities around me for the best and most interesting places to eat. Looking through Yelp and Google Local is helpful, but these sites seem to fall on two sides of the spectrum: hot or not. Typically, the reviews are raving fans or raging disbelievers. Facebook’s sporadic profile status reviews are… Read more »

Single and dating? An app for dating, flirting, and meeting new friends: partyline

partyline app

Sometimes the Internet can feel like a lonely place. Sure, there countless conversations that go on all around the net, but how many of those are interesting, and actually care about you from a relationship perspective? Don’t even bother using Facebook (aka Stalkerbook) or dating sites (everyone knows the pictures and descriptions are drastically misleading)…. Read more »

HEX3: Augmented reality first person shooter and pinpoint accurate digital drawing


You’re no stranger to digital peripherals. You’ve likely used a mouse, keyboard, touchpad, or touchscreen plenty of times. You’ve also likely played at least one mobile game or tried to draw something digitally. But did you ever feel limited in your interactions? Maybe mobile gaming or digital drawing just didn’t really emulate the accuracy in real life, but what if it… Read more »

Pakistan’s Olaround Offers Location-Based Deals and Loyalty Rewards


Daily deal sites aren’t hard to come by these days, but what makes Olaround different is that it’s based in a part of the world not well known for its startup scene. Olaround is Pakistan’s first location-based loyalty application that works on iPhone and Android-powered smartphones. The app was launched in September 2011 by Bramerz,… Read more »

Ornicept: Protecting Air Traffic with Live Bird Data from the Airfield to the Office


Natural disasters and flight delays–partners in crime. From a airline customer perspective, we’re much more likely to fly an airline repeatedly if it has fewer delays AND superior customer service. Yes, natural disasters are out of our control, but how about bird disasters? With the help of Ornicept, airfield managers now have a viable solution… Read more »