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Tech Cocktail

Is RideScout Necessary for Developing Smart Cities?


RideScout has had a really good week. The DC-based startup, which aims to make ground transportation smarter and easier for people, offers a free mobile application that aggregates real-time data on all the available public, private, and social modes of ground transportation for users, giving them access to the cheapest or shortest travel options. In the… Read more »

MONTAJ Aims to Become the Instagram of Video

montaj (1)

For the average user, editing videos on a mobile device can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Videographers Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long wanted to help users overcome these challenges and creatively tell their stories using video. That’s why they created their mobile app, MONTAJ, which addresses the challenges of traditional video editing through an… Read more »

DC’s SocialRadar Launches Its Mobile App for iOS


This morning, SocialRadar released its long-anticipated mobile app for iOS. SocialRadar is a DC-based startup led by Michael Chasen, which raised a $12.75 million Series A round last June. Utilizing social networks with geo-location data (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google+), the SocialRadar app enables users to discover whether someone within their network is nearby and provides information… Read more »

Looking for Happiness in 2014? Sign Up for Happier’s Life-Improvement Courses


While the rest of the world excitingly anticipated the arrival of the new year, Boston-based Happier, Inc. announced a new way to help people lead happier lives in 2014: mobile life-improvement and wellness classes. It’s some refreshing news from the happiness and wellness company, and certainly comes at a perfect moment (New Year’s resolutions, anyone?). Happier has become… Read more »

Mobile App Marketing with Email: The Simple Way to Get More People Using Your App


Facebook learned that people who had seven friends in the first ten days became engaged users. Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Zynga found similar indicators, according to Richard Price from Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz also cover this in Lean Analytics. Last year, I challenged two professional analysts to find the three most actionable KPI’s… Read more »

My Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps


One of the coolest things about paid apps is that they make great gift ideas for friends and family. That and they tend to be much higher quality than free apps because they have guaranteed revenue streams for further development. The apps I’ve compiled here aren’t all exclusive to the Android platform, but they are… Read more »

Top 10 Benefits of Having an Android Rooted Device


A few years back, I had a really run-down Samsung Charge as my phone and it was a solid piece of hardware. As good as it was, there was one issue I could never get past: the color scheme was unchangeable. I was tired of staring at a perpetual Halloween-Thanksgiving mashup every time I wrote… Read more »

Flomio Offers Companies Flexible NFC Solutions to Indoor Tracking


Near Field Communication is a wireless technology that establishes radio communiation between smartphones and any similar devices equipped with the capability simply by touch (or, generally, bringing them into close proximity – no more than a few centimeters). If you have an Android phone, then you’ve probably already played around with what NFC is capable of; most… Read more »

Top 5 Business-Focused Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur with a business coming fresh off the ground, you’re going to want to have as many tools as you can to make sure you’re prepared to handle every situation as efficiently as possible. Luckily, we live in the smartphone age and now have pocket devices that double and triple as secretaries, computers,… Read more »

7 Apps to Connect You With Santa


Growing up, my parents never really fell for the whole Santa Claus thing. I can’t even tell you the number of times my brother and I left milk and cookies out for the big guy every Christmas Eve, only to find that it had remained untouched by the next day. One time, my father bluntly… Read more »

Are Mobile Apps Taking Over the World?


Over ten years ago, websites were cutting edge. Businesses began to realize that they needed their own Internet presence to remain relevant. Some people termed it the Dot-com Boom, and it eventually led to an age where websites are a given and even individual people have their own pages. Tech experts are now observing that… Read more »