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The Unsung Heroes of Cyber Monday: A Look at the Platforms Powering Top Ecommerce Sites

cyber monday heroes

Datanyze crawls the web daily looking for technology ‘signatures’ that determine whether or not a given website is using a particular technology.  This provides crucial analytics for businesses to monitor and optimize customer retention and competition. In time for Cyber Monday, they have released this infographic that explains ecommerce platform market share data, providing statistics on over… Read more »

Ferguson Youth Tech Program Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

handsupunited tech

The national attention to the unrest and pain occurring daily in Ferguson, MO and the surrounding St. Louis suburban areas continues to stoke heated conversation about the origins of the issues that caused the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hand of Officer Darren Wilson. Springing out of this tragic event, Hands Up United… Read more »

Infographic: How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale

First eCommerce Sale Dima

Ecommerce now accounts for about 10% of all retail sales and in the U.S alone, and online retail sales are expected to easily reach $300 billion over the next twelve months. How ever you look at it, eCommerce is a vital part of running a retail business these days and whether you run a small… Read more »

5 Early Truths on the Founder’s Journey: The Startup Podcast

startup podcast

Everywhere you turn today, you are hearing about Serial Podcast. This journalistic audio narrative, from the creators of This American Life, is convincing an increasing number of NPR fans that podcasts are the latest thing. But it’s been almost two years since the Adam Carolla podcast became a target of a patent troll claim, and it’s… Read more »

MobileArq Connects Parents to their School Directory for Quick Access During Crucial Moments


As the mother of two boys, Nirupama Mallavarupu has spent a lot of time on the road, whether dropping off or picking up kids from school and various activities. Inevitably, these trips required some form of communication with other parents. She often found that she was frustrated by not being able to contact other parents because the most recent printed version… Read more »

3 Ways To Get Your App Featured On The App Store


The value of becoming featured on the App Store cannot be understated. For a startup company that is developing a smartphone or tablet app, receiving this kind of support from Apple is essentially the Holy Grail. It puts your product on the front page of the store and brings it to the attention of millions… Read more »

Great Alternatives to Adobe PDF


In the past, if you didn’t own a business with funding to purchase an expensive PDF creator, like Adobe, you were forced to pay someone to do it for you, and it wasn’t cheap. Creating a PDF wasn’t only expensive, it was also labor intensive. Of course, there were tutorials and courses promising to teach… Read more »

When International Fashion Meets Technology


Fashion straight from the runway in Milan to the palm of your hands in to your living room or straight on to your mobile device, it was only a matter of time before the two met up in perfect harmony. A recent Forrester Forecast expects online retail sales to skyrocket in Europe to an expected… Read more »