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Tech Cocktail

OhMiBod Launches Vibrator That Syncs to Your Smart Watch for Your Pleasure


Even our sex lives is getting smarter thanks to technology. High Tech sex toy company, OhMiBod, announced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas that it has added smart watch connectivity and biofeedback functionality to its blueMotion line of Bluetooth enabled vibrators. Now, the massager will sync to the watch-wearer’s heartbeat (yours or your partner’s), and be controlled… Read more »

KingForADay: A Networking App Built By One Person, For One Person (You)

KingForADay Networking App

Ever thought that you just weren’t getting enough time in the limelight? Perhaps up-and-coming networking app, KingForADay, would be right up your alley. KingForADay is not your average networking app. It doesn’t rely on existing connections, and it never pretends to be a level playing field. Nope – KingForADay is all about one person, and… Read more »

CES 2015: Where Does a 3D Printer Fit in Your Home?

3D printing

This week in Las Vegas, the International Consumer Electronics Show debuted a space dedicated uniquely to 3D printing. In the last few years, 3D printing is taking over the country with hobbyist and makers gathering in various MakerFaire and Meetups to exchange ideas. So the creation of a marketplace for 3D printing at CES 2015 cements this… Read more »

ReSound Hearing Aids Launch Android App in Time for CES 2015

hearing aids

The world’s smartest hearing aid, ReSound LiNX, today announced from the International CES conference in Las Vegas that the ReSound Smart app will now be available on Android. Previously, the ReSound smart hearing aids were compatible with iPhone and Apple iOS. At CES 2015, they’ve launched compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and plan to… Read more »

Who Keeps Your Online information Safe? [Infograph]


From the looks of it, not even you can keep your personal information safe once it hits the internet. It’s not really news that a lot of our data can be accessed without permission in the deep web world. But it’s important to understand how information is accessed to recognize vulnerabilities. From the looks of it,… Read more »

Women in Tech: Kaylyn Gibilterra from Women Who Code DC

DC FemTech

The Washington D.C. Metro Area is full of dozens of organizations dedicated to lowering the barrier for women and minorities in tech. DCFemTech, a collective of DC & Metro area women and minority focused organizations is launching a series of interviews with women in tech leaders to highlight their group’s mission, culture and events. The… Read more »

From Google to Siri, Here are Some Popular Dog Names [Infographic]


Naming your furry friend should be a fun experience, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult. There is some pressure to naming your dog something that reflects your personality and still matches your pup., an online dog boarding community, released an infographic showcasing popular dog names in 2014. And what is surprising (and… Read more »

The Sharing Economy is Built on Trust and Provides Empowerment to Consumers

MuneebMushtaq Tedx AskforTask

Interaction within your community and neighborhood can earn you $5,000 per month! Is this a scam? Or a phenomenon called collaborative consumption? The sharing economy, another name by which this phenomenon is known, is creating micro-entrepreneurs, according to Muneeb Mushtaq in a recent appearance at a TEDx event. Mushtaq is the Co-Founder & CEO of AskForTask,… Read more »

Twitter Rolls Out New Recap Feature to Compete with Facebook


Twitter doesn’t want users to miss a thing. That’s why the company started rolling out the “while you were away” feature, which highlights at the top of timeline what Twitter thinks are the best tweets users may have missed since their last visit. It’s very similar to Facebook’s news feed, which presents status updates and posts… Read more »

Fuhu: Lessons From 2014’s Fastest-Growing Company


Fuhu, the company that created Nabi, an Android tablet for kids and an Adobe Air application that allows children to access the Internet in a parent-controlled environment, is growing fast. Based in El Segundo, California, Fuhu was created in 2008 and in the last 3 years has grown 158,957%. It made $195.6m in revenue during that time. According to… Read more »