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Tech Cocktail

4 Paths To Success Without Burnout


There is one iconic image that comes to mind when people think of the successful entrepreneur. It’s the tired and disheveled work-horse who clocks 80 hours a week and has more frequent flyer miles than he could ever use. He has his own business, he has fortune, but he has no life. Rather, his business… Read more »

Don’t Bet Everything on Social Media


A little over a month ago, I challenged a co-worker to take a hiatus from social media, specifically Twitter. My goal was to have him reconsider the way he leverages social media and recalibrate his perception of the value his social activity garners, both for himself and others. Also, one might say this person has a slight addiction to social,… Read more »

MyCircles and FiNe Win Miami’s Hottest Showcasing Startup

miami hottest startups

Last night, Tech Cocktail hosted the Miami Mixer and Startup Showcase at The Stage in Midtown. The room was packed, the energy was vibrant and the pitches were spot on! But there could only be two winners. And Miami’s hottest startups are… Miami’s Hottest Showcasing Startup- Reader’s Choice MyCircles  is a targeted social networking platform that provides users… Read more »

Sparo Labs Gets $1.25M to Help Asthma Patients


Following a huge trend of success, Sparo Labs last week announced that they have closed a $1.25 million seed funding round. The funding for the St. Louis based startup came mostly from several angel investors in Michigan as well as a few angels in the New York and St. Louis areas. Founders Andrew Brimer and… Read more »