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How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Driving Experience

ford virtual reality

This is a sponsored article by our partners at Ford. Typically we associate virtual and augmented reality technology with fun and games, thanks to Oculus Rift or Google Glass. But Ford Motor Company takes immersive virtual reality very seriously. Ford is the first automaker to use a new ultra high-definition, virtual reality lab that enables designers and engineers… Read more »

Slack Attack: the Workplace Messaging App is Going Social


Slack is taking over my social life. This morning, when I woke up, I rooted around under my pillow for my phone. While in the past I would have checked my e-mail first, or my Twitter mentions, the first thing I did was check Slack. Slack is the year-old workplace messaging app that everyone is… Read more »

Post-Kickstarter Hush is Tapping Their Mentor Networks

hush earplugs

In the wake of Hush absolutely tearing their Kickstarter goal to shreds, I simply had to get in touch with the founder Daniel Lee to dig in. They successfully wrapped their Kickstarter campaign ($593,255 in total) and have embarked upon the next stage of their journey with the help of the local San Diego powerhouse incubator… Read more »

Take Care: “Friendly Fraud” is Widespread


“Friendly” and “fraud” are words that do not really seem fit to be paired together, but the truth is that they often are. “Friendly fraud” happens when customers use a credit card to make a purchase, usually online transactions, and then dispute the charge with their credit card company once the item arrives. Which is the… Read more »

Smart-Home Hub Branto Launches on Kickstarter


Yes, smart homes are the future, but should it be so expensive? Ukrainian startup Branto thinks not. So they developed a smart home hub that works as a wireless assistant device that serves up a wide range of functions including monitoring your home or business with a 360° camera, microphone and speaker; controlling your TV, thermostat, and… Read more »

Go Ahead and Launch a ‘Coming Soon’ Page

coming soon

Let’s say you’ve just started a business and have filed all the pertinent paperwork. You’ve just bought your site’s domain, and now you’re wondering what you can publish online while the public waits for your completed site to go live. Of course, you could choose to do absolutely nothing. But where’s the fun in that?… Read more »

Amidst $6M Series A, TriggerMail Rebrands as Bluecore

Bluecore Series A

Since participating in the Techstars 2013 New York Class, life for TriggerMail has been busy – or should I say Bluecore. They today announced that they’ll officially be rebranding as Bluecore, previously TriggerMail, and the team was excited to jointly announce the close of a successful $6 million Series A funding round led by FirstMark… Read more »

Tech Wildcatters Launches Corporate Innovation Network

Dallas Tech Wildcatters

This week Tech Wildcatters, the Dallas based, world’s-best B2B accelerator, announced the first members to join their Corporate Innovation Network. The exclusive network was created by Gabriella Draney, cofounder and Managing Partner, in an effort to better connect the early adopters of corporate America to the most cutting-edge B2B tech startups. Specifically, Draney has designed… Read more »

WiFi Map Hits 7 Million User Milestone


WiFi Map has made it their mission to crowdsource data in an effort to help people find access to WiFi hotspots around the world. Users go around to public WiFi hotspots, rate the strength of the network, share the passwords, and leave additional helpful comments. Today the WiFi Map team announced that they have officially hit the… Read more »

Booze Delivery App Minibar Launches in Miami


If you won’t come to the bar then the bar must come to you. New York-based startup Minibar, a booze deliver app has launched in Miami. By downloading the Minibar app, users can easily order wine, spirits and beer for delivery. The delivery, which promises under an hour delivery will be available in Miami’s downtown area… Read more »

Microsoft Ventures: Make the Most of Startup Mentors

Digital Work

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle. Tonight, in Palo Alto, join the team from their Digital Work Accelerator to get more information about the program. One of the most significant reasons a startup will join an accelerator is for the network and access to mentors. The quality… Read more »

Changing the Face of Storefront Advertising


When you board a flight from San Diego to Palm Beach generally you think of white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks – not inventing a company, unless you’re Daniel Black who did just that. The night before this particular cross-country flight, Black was captivated by YouTube videos on projection marketing and knew this could be… Read more »

TalkLocal Launches Mobile App

TalkLocal Launches Mobile App

TalkLocal, the Washington, DC-based company that gives consumers an easy way to connect with local service providers, has announced the launch of its mobile app. The apps are available to download for free through the App Store and Google Play, and will allow consumers to speak with service providers in real-time over the phone right… Read more »

8 Ways to Get the Most out of Startup Weekend

startup weekend

At 2.03 AM on Monday August 1, 2011, on a train somewhere between Redfern and Kings Cross Station in Sydney, Australia, I was exhausted and delirious. I was on the way to my hotel after the Sunday night celebrations. I was caught by the Startup Weekend movement; hook, line and sinker. Since that weekend I have been involved in eight… Read more »