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Tech Cocktail

Chicago-Based Parsecco Brings a New Spin to Collaborative Projects


A new economy means new jobs, new employees, a new ethos.  Freelancers, consultants, creative professionals, and solo-preneurs have taken main stage, but the way in which they work and find work still lags behind. Miki Johnson is attempting to solve this with, a team-building tool powered by a project-focused social network.  Current highlight projects range from iOS productivity… Read more »

Customize and Socialize Your Art with JuicyCanvas


Have you ever had a space on the walls of your home that you just couldn’t seem to fill? Maybe you tried a variety of paintings, a couple of pieces of metal wall art, or even some type of sconce scenario, but nothing could quite inhabit the space the way you pictured it in your… Read more »

Online Soccer Academy, Winner of Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startups, Takes Professional Soccer Tutorials to the Web

online soccer academy

Friday night, Online Soccer Academy, an online video course lead by former professional soccer player Jared Montz, took home the title of Tech Cocktail Week’s hottest showcasing startup. Proof that the Las Vegas-based startup is gaining traction, Montz’ recruitment strategy for votes included one short video he filmed on his smart phone shortly after getting word of… Read more »

Encore: An Innovative Way to Captivate Your Donors


How much do you know about the daily struggles and triumphs of the charities you support?  If you’re involved with a nonprofit yourself, how do you engage supporters and share the incredible stories that make your work worthwhile?  Newsletters, more often than not, are deleted from inboxes almost as automatically as spam.  On the rare… Read more »

Easy WebContent: Design a Website, No Expertise Necessary


Designing a website is way too complicated for most people, and Easy WebContent wants to change that. The Maryland startup built a suite of tools to help you design a website, then spice it up with things like animations, infographics, presentations, and music. “We keep our interface the most basic, so that users 45 years… Read more »

Secure Your Website Easily, but Thoroughly with ArmorHub


Washington, DC-based ArmorHub launched Thursday to offer small-to-medium sized businesses a priceless commodity in today’s world – website peace of mind. Specifically, ArmorHub offers a web security service that finds and fixes vulnerabilities in a simple, straightforward way. Together, founders Kendall Dabaghi and Evan Beard know a thing or two about both web security and… Read more »

7 Apps, Tools, and Resources for Tracking Hurricane Sandy


We encourage those in Hurricane Sandy’s path to take all necessary precautions to remain safe.  One of these safety precautions includes staying informed – below includes a list of resources and apps to help you accomplish just that. Dropcam Although typically reserved for home surveillance, many are using their Dropcam to broadcast their region’s live… Read more »

Adorii, Winner of Seattle’s Hottest Showcasing Startup, Brings Daily Deals to Wedding Products and Services


Weddings are expensive.  This is basic marriage science.  Between invitations, food and beverage for a couple hundred people, throw in a band, the cost of the venue, wedding attire and rings, and all the other miscellaneous expenditures and you’re looking at a serious hit to the savings account.  This is a very tangible problem that affects many… Read more »