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Warning: 3 Reasons Your Business Might Fail

startup failure

Do you ever think about why your business would fail? Most businesses fail. What can you do to make sure yours isn’t one of the majority? Your business could fail for many reasons, and below are three of the most common: Reason #1 – Your business is failing because you do not have the desire to become successful…. Read more »

Walk During Your Lunch Hour to Reduce Stress


It’s Monday and you’re finding it hard to focus. You’re stressed or just feel the lack of enthusiasm. Why not go for a walk during your lunch hour? A new study has found that taking a walk can help raise your mood and reduce stress. When you’re not stressed and less moody, you’re more productive. For this… Read more »

7 Tips To Find New Blog Topic Ideas

blog ideas

If you have been a blogger for any length of time, you come to realize that writing several articles every week can turn into hard work. Usually the most frustrating part of the whole writing process is coming up with original topics that haven’t been beaten to death by every other blogger in your field of… Read more »

22 Author Tips: Find the Best Agent and Publisher

book publisher

Seeing your literary works printed can be such as a great joy. Surely, it would be great to be known in the literary world, especially for an entrepreneur who has been recognized as an expert in your field. To realize your dream of becoming a famous author, you need to get your work published by… Read more »

Empowered Women Pose Nude for Caitlin Stasey’s New Site

Caitlin photo by Jennifer Toole

The image of the “perfect” man or woman is all in the eye of the beholder, but over the last few decades online digital editing and manipulation of photographs has altered the perceptions of what a normal, healthy human body might look like. A new website,, founded by Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, 24, has launched to combat… Read more »

Mathew Carpenter Caves, Shuts Down Glitter Operations

Send Glitter

It’s over guys. No mas. Pas plus. Your dreams of sending hate-glitter to your frenemies are looking like they’ll have to remain just that: dreams. Mathew Carpenter released this tweet earlier today, confirming he wants out of the Ship Your Enemies Glitter game: ShipYourEnemiesGlitter with 1m visits, 270k social shares, $xx,xxx in sales, tonnes of… Read more »

RentHackr: Know Before you Rent

rent apartment hunt

As the first rental data platform to be powered by renters, RentHackr is quickly redefining the rental marketplace.  People share their address, rent amount, and what they intend to do when their lease is up. This information takes the guessing game out of finding your new apartment or room.  Since launching in March 2014 and… Read more »

10 Things I’d Do Differently if I Were Launching Fittr on Product Hunt Again (and the One Thing I’d Never Change)

product hunt fittr

Fittr‘s Product Hunt launch was a joyous day. My phone began to blow up, our servers started heating up, and we couldn’t stop grinning for about 56 hours. For a few hours, our app was handling 6 sign-ups (not just downloads, signups) per second! To say I’m grateful is an understatement. And that’s part of… Read more »

The Top 5 Technologies VCs Will Fund in 2015

emerging technology

As we welcome the new year and get geared up for top trends at CES 2015, it’s interesting to take a look at the top 5 tech sectors and their rising stars. This is where top VCs will be looking to make big investments in 2015. If your startup fits into one of these categories, 2015 could… Read more »

3 Lessons Startups Can Learn from the Sony Hack

crisis management

Recently, the world watched a drama fit for Hollywood unfold before its eyes. There was espionage, dangerous threats, embarrassing revelations, ultimatums, and of course, a rogue nation state behind the sinister plot. And like any great movie, the good guys triumphed in the end. As the now infamous Sony Hack was discussed in coffee shops… Read more »

3 Reasons Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Participate in an Accelerator Program

accelerator network

An accelerator program is like a boot camp for early-stage ventures. They usually last anywhere from three to six months to help accelerate a startup, and most programs provide a small amount of seed capital. More importantly, an accelerator offers experienced entrepreneurs within the local community who help mentor new entrepreneurs, and gathers other resources that give… Read more »

You Know You’re an Entrepreneur When You Do This on Christmas


There’s a reason for the hashtag #startuplife – being an entrepreneur is part of who you are, not something you do when you’re coding or pitching. It infiltrates the mind, and that ain’t gonna change just because it’s the biggest holiday of the year. Yesterday, we learned what hours entrepreneurs are working on Christmas; today,… Read more »

3 Surefire Ways to Spook an Angel Investor


Looking for funds to boost your startup company is not an easy job. You might feel enthusiastic about the whole plan and confident about giving it a concrete shape, but do your investors feel the same way? Are you knocking the right door while seeking venture capital? And most importantly, are you saying the right… Read more »

Acclimatising to Global Growth: 3 Inspirational Business Models that Start in the Black

cash dollars

With business investment in the UK falling unexpectedly in the third quarter due to what Howard Archer from IHS Global Insight called “caution in the face of increased global growth concerns”, preserving funds is clearly becoming a chief concern for British enterprises. Thanks to the Christmas retail season, UK business has just received a much… Read more »