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Tech Cocktail

5 BS Myths About Starting A Startup Debunked


Having “your first” comes with plenty of unsolicited advice and a little side eye. For instance, during my first startup, my mom gave me more than side-eye. I got full-on stink eye! “YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE YOUR GOOD PAYING JOB AND DO A STARTUP?” Kind of like having kids or getting married, suddenly people… Read more »

Can Entrepreneurs Learn To Be Optimistic?


If there is one essential quality that most entrepreneurs share, it is most likely an almost irrational sense of optimism and belief in their own abilities. Some of the best-known brands were created by people who had little else going for them other than a dream. Faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and countless setbacks, they… Read more »

What 50+ Entrepreneurs Eat for Breakfast

entrepreneur breakfast

A heated discussion about the merits of the eggocado led me to wonder: what are entrepreneurs eating for breakfast? Is the stereotype of having no time to eat true – are the hustlers who need it most skipping “the most important meal of the day”? Or are they eating the breakfasts of champions? Turns out, lots… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of an Accelerator

what happens in a startup accelerator

There are hundreds of accelerators in the US and the world, with more cropping up every day. We usually hear about the big venture successes and the notable failures emerging from these venture development firms’ programs. What we don’t hear much about is what happens once a company gets behind the doors of an accelerator,… Read more »

What Startups Can Learn from The Wizard of Oz

wizard of Oz

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the premiere of “The Wizard of Oz,” a movie that captured my youthful imagination (along with millions of others’) whenever it was shown during the holidays on network TV. In addition to being a huge fan, I also have a visceral connection to this cinematic classic due to playing… Read more »

What Startup Teams Can Learn from the World Cup


I’ve been obsessed with the World Cup matches over the last few weeks. I find myself marveling at the elegance of some of the national teams. They have a way of moving fluidly like an amoeba, while striking out flexibly in order to defend or make a goal. As a leadership coach and as someone… Read more »

Open the Bidding! Crowdsourcing Logo Design for Startups

crowdsourcing logo design

If you’re having difficulty conjuring up a logo for your business, crowdsourcing is the solution. An impressive logo allows you to communicate instantly with your target customer base. By crowdsourcing a logo design, you can take advantage of the newest trends and concepts in creating brand identities. Finding the right designer is easy with crowdsourcing,… Read more »

Seven Tips to Build and Maintain a Successful Startup Brand


Best friends: reliable, intuitive individuals with personalities that click perfectly. The same feelings often apply to favorite brands because the genius innovators behind them get into consumers’ heads, figure out what they really need and offer a clear, easy-to-use solution to the problem at hand. Thanks to this strategy, consumers trust solid brands and are eager… Read more »

Test Your Startup Idea in the #GetStarted2014 Challenge


Do you have a great idea but aren’t sure whether it has legs? The folks at Simpleweb, Onboardly, and Rackspace want you to know that there’s still time to take the #GetStarted2014 challenge. But you need to hurry – entrants must submit their ideas and drum up enough votes by July 31. The three companies… Read more »

Define Yourself By Your Courage, Not Your Accomplishments 


Last week, I wrote about Rachel Baker’s struggle to overcome imposter syndrome: “I was absolutely petrified,” she says. “I would come home most nights and cry, thinking, ‘I’m going to be found out, I shouldn’t be doing this.’ It felt almost illegal.” It’s something we all feel, at one time or another. Seattle UX designer Dylan… Read more »

8 Tips for Drawing a Crowd at Your Next Trade Show


Attendance at trade shows is on the rise, so setting up a booth at one of these events can be a great way to market your business or product. However, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that you are drawing in a large crowd to your event and exhibit. By employing a… Read more »

Birdling Bags Reminds us That “Startup” ≠ “Tech Company”


It’s all too common for technology-focused entrepreneurs to forget that not every “startup” is a “tech company.” I know that when I personally hear the word “startup,” I often wrongly assume the company is centered around developing an application, a platform, or perhaps a service heavily supported by technology. What’s worse, is that some people assume that without… Read more »

How to Improve Your Remote Workforce Hiring in 10 Minutes


The virtual worker revolution is coming, and pretty soon your best people might be wearing sweatpants. From 2005 to 2011, telecommuting increased by 73 percent, and recent estimates predict 63 million American employees will work virtually at least part time by 2016.   Hiring a virtual superstar employee might be similar to getting a great… Read more »

29 Tips for Entrepreneurs & Women in Tech


Between the hundreds of Meetup groups and email invitations for the next panel on fundraising, the tech scene in any city can be hard to navigate. In DC alone, there are more than two dozen organizations that are angled as resources for women in tech or aim to teach people how to code. Together, they… Read more »