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Tech Cocktail

Evan Burfield: DC’s Potential to Be a Top Startup Community


Since beginning my work for Tech Cocktail, I’ve learned a lot about various tech startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs behind them. More notably, though, is the amount I’ve learned about the entire startup ecosystem. Being based in DC, I’ve inevitably learned about Evan Burfield and his role in cultivating DC’s startup environment. With roots in the… Read more »

Sloane Davidson Shows Us How to Make a Positive Impact


Sloane Davidson has spent over 10 years in various fields like social media strategy, community development, and fundraising. Her volunteer work showed her that she could bring large-scale positive change to the world community. Her experiences also lead her to She’s the First, a nonprofit that focuses on girls’ education and mentorship in developing worlds,… Read more »

Lighting’s Effects on Your Health: Lorena Egan Offers Tips for Working at Night


Have you ever found yourself sitting in a poorly-lit bedroom, on a cold winter’s night, glaring at pictures of your Beanie Babies collection on a laptop, crying over the fair value depreciation of precious, little, Tabasco? Oh…no? I guess that’s just a single-gay-Millennial-dude-eating-his-Cheetos-and-pretending-to-do-late-night-work-from-his-computer kind of thing. Various stimuli in our environment can have lasting effects… Read more »

Phil Simon: What Startups Can Learn from Large Companies About Big Data


Let’s pretend, for a minute, that we’re living in the state of nature. I’m 5’5″ (ugh, fine, I’m 5’4.5″), so, naturally, I would invariably try to compete and survive in this land of giants. If you’re a small guy, you’re obviously going to try to make use of all the resources available to help you survive; otherwise, you… Read more »

Caroline McCarthy: Hacking Business Travel [VIDEO]


Caroline McCarthy, during her work with various companies like CNET, CBS, and Google, found herself traveling a lot. Whether it was heading to a commentator gig for Countdown with Keith Olbermann or spearheading Google’s presence at industry events, she enjoyed when her employers offered a choice with regard to business travel. “I have worked in… Read more »

Natalie Baumgartner: Cultivating Company Culture


I never fit in with the other people in my marathon training group. They cultivated this high-pressure culture that was dependent on immediate results, something that inevitably led to my not training as hard and eventually quitting. Of course, this is merely a tale (since, I mean, LOL what is “running?” Food marathon, maybe…). Nonetheless,… Read more »

Tim Wolters: Company Culture is All About the People


“It’s all about the people,” said someone important, at one point, in humanity’s history. While I’m too lazy to delve into whether someone of actual, historical relevance made any such proclamation (although, I’m sure someone has – right?), there’s no denying the truth behind such a statement. For Tim Wolters, this is an essential truth… Read more »