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Fleet Management

Best ELD Devices

This guide details’s top picks for the best ELD devices in the market today, before covering the benefits of a full fleet management system and answering any frequently asked ELD questions managers might have.

Dash Cams

Best Dual Dash Cam 2019

A dual dash cam can record video footage of the road ahead of a vehicle while also filming the interior of the cab, including the driver, for better safety and more coverage. Here are the top dual dash cams, and all the features and prices to help you pick which is best for you.

Dash Cams

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2019

Need a front and rear dash cam? We've rounded up all the top options when it comes to video quality, robust features, and fair pricing. Take a look and see if any of these dash cams are a fit for you.


Dating and Horizon: The Next Big Facebook Flops?

With new ventures including virtual reality worlds and a dating platform, can Facebook's latest endeavours have more success than busts of the past, such as the Facebook phone, Paper, and it's upcoming currency, which has already been banned in some countries. We find out.

Fleet Management

How to Improve Fuel Economy in a Truck

Optimizing fuel use is essential for any fleet – it can be as much as 20% of a fleet's total operating cost. But it's tough to wade through all the data. In this article, I've combed through it for you, to offer the most comprehensive look at how you can save money on fuel


Facebook Birthday Charity Raises $1 Billion

More than $1 billion in donations have flowed through Facebook's birthday fundraisers alone over the past few years, thanks to the over 45 million Facebook users who have donated or created a fundraiser through the massive social platform.

Dash Cams

Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2019

Fleet managers and truck drivers will know the importance of quality cameras in commercial vehicles- for insurance savings, protection and driver safety. Here's our top picks for the best truck dash cams in 2019, plus all your dash cam FAQs answered.

Asset Tracking

How Much Does Asset Tracking Cost?

Asset tracking costs can be anywhere from $15 to $150 per asset per month. In this article, we'll explain how asset tracking prices might be calculated and we'll offer up a few examples, giving you a frame of reference for all costs.

Website Builders

Best Restaurant Website Design Tips and Templates

A well-designed restaurant website will get the stomach growling, while a poor site will have potential customers eating elsewhere. We run through the essentials of good restaurant website design, with simple suggestions to make your own restaurant website a hit with customers.


Most Secure VPN 2019

There's a single obvious stand-out feature to consider when buying a VPN, and that's security. After all, that's the entire point. We round up the most secure VPN services available in 2019, ranking each one and explaining what makes it stand out from the herd.

CRM Software

Top 8 Benefits of CRM Software

A CRM (customer relationship management) service is a software platform that lets a business easily manage all relationships with current and potential customers. It'll boost retention, streamline internal chats, and guide the future of your business. We explain how it all works.