Conor is a writer, comedian and world-renowned sweetheart. As the Assistant Editor and Writer at Tech.Co, he’s written about everything from Kickstarter campaigns and budding startups to tech titans and innovative technologies. His background in stand-up comedy made him the perfect person to host Startup Night at SXSW and the Timmy Awards for Tech in Motion. In his spare time, he thinks about how to properly pronounce the word "colloquially."

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Why Getting Rid of URLs is a Great Idea


Google is known for the ambitious tech innovations. But now, they want to get rid of URLs to make the online world more secure and less complicated. So the big question becomes, “Is it a good idea or a terrible mistake?”

Jobber Review – 2018

Jobber Logo Featured

The right field service software can make a big difference for your business. With Jobber, you will have access to everything you need to organize and improve your business in a complete package of helpful features and meaningful customer support options.

Best Plumbing Service Software Providers

Best Plumbing Service Software

Finding the right plumbing service software is no easy task, which is why we’ve collected some of the best for your convenience. You’ll be able to check out features, compare quality, and get a quote, all in one place.

5 Times Smart Technology Went a Bit Overboard

Smart Tech that Goes too Far

Smart technology has made everyday life a lot easier. However, there is a point when adding Alexa to a device or making it Bluetooth-enabled is a bit excessive. These products are examples of that common occurrence.

Best HVAC Software Providers

HVAC Software

There’s no room for error when you’re running an HVAC business. Fortunately, this list of HVAC software providers will help you to run your business more efficiently, more productively, and more affordable. Get a quote today to get started.

Best Pool Service Software Providers

person in pool

Pool service softwares can make a huge difference when it comes to running your business. Managing customers, communicating with technicians, and tracking equipment and chemicals will be simple thanks to these innovative softwares.

Service Fusion Review – 2018

Service Fusion Logo

Price is important when it comes to field service software, and Service Fusion is one of the best and most affordable options. Find out how this innovative software will help your company get a little more organized and get a tailored quote for free today.

ServiceTitan Review – 2018

ServiceTitan Logo

ServiceTitan is a cloud-based field service software that can make running a business easier by automating work processes like scheduling technicians, accepting payments, and improving marketing efforts, all from a single platform.

New Apple Watch Series 4 Announced

New Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple event is in the rear view mirror now, which means we can take a look at some of the new gadgets we’re going to get our hands on, starting with the Apple Watch Series 4, designed to keep you connected, active, and healthy.

Google’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

Don't Be Evil Google

Tech news is primarily focusing on Apple’s iPhone launch, but quietly in the background, it’s been a good month for Google to bury bad news. Freed up after removing ‘Don’t be Evil’ as its company motto, Google has conducted some pretty shady activities in recent weeks.

8K TVs – Everything You Need to Know

What is 8K TV Tech?

4K TVs have barely had a chance to establish themselves in living rooms, but the next generation of TV tech is waiting in the wings and that means 8K TVs. But, should you rush to buy an 8K TV, or even put off buying a 4K TV knowing that it’s about to be outmoded?

Best Social Media Management Services

Best Social Media Management Services

Social media management services make the complicated world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn easier for companies looking to actually make an impact. With these services, social media experts do the hard work for you, helping your business to engage customers better.