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Avaya Phone Systems Review

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

Avaya Inc. is a multi-national corporation that specializes in unified communications. Whether it’s phone systems, call centers, or other advanced cloud-based services, the company strives to be the go-to source for any business telecom needs.

For Avaya, convenience is about offering an open platform, meaning their software and hardware can be integrated with your existing phone systems, regardless of devices, locations and media. This is ideal for establishes businesses with large communication structures in place and can often lead to organization saving on unnecessary expenditure such as the installation of a completely new phone system.

The company primarily offers IP and cloud-based phone solutions in lieu of a traditional PBX. This technology intertwines data and voice plans, allowing for feature-rich technology, supporting a variety of telecom demands from your employees and customers. By covering both internal and external communications Avaya cover modern businesses regardless of the type of organization you manage or the sector you operate within.

Additionally, Avaya offers robust cloud hosting that you can manage from any device.  This multi platform capability is also another huge advantage  when it comes to small business and startups. It is now not uncommon for workforces to utilize a range of technology when it comes to managing their communications channels and Avaya support this brilliantly with their innovating and cutting edge technology.

When it comes to call centers, the company emphasizes analytics, whether you want a live-agent or completely virtual experience.

Avaya Solutions Overviews

IP Office

For seamless integration of voice, video and mobile services, Avaya offers its midmarket IP Office platform. Its collaboration software allows companies to combine contact centers, networking, security and video all from one source making it an excellent option for small businesses or any organization looking to seamlessly integrate their communications process.

You can choose to run Avaya’s IP office platform from virtual software, your own dedicated server, or a mix of both offering a level of flexibility that is unrivaled within the industry. . The phone selections are varied (analog, IP, soft phones), and you get enhanced video features for general communication or teleconferencing, again an ideal choice for businesses looking for versatility when it comes to their phone systems.

Aura contact center

Avaya’s aura contact center seeks to consolidate all of your customer interactions into one manageable desktop interface. Specifically, it incorporates messaging into your telecom plan, ideal for both internal and external communication channels. Website users have now become accustomed to being able to chat to customer service representatives via your website 24 hours a day while while internally instant messaging can great improve collaboration between teams if used correctly.

Chat and text also give you important additional channels to accommodate customers who have different communication preferences. For example, the aura contact center allows everyone to easily track information on one topic that may have been discussed over IM, text, and phone from one application on your computer. This integration is vital for modern businesses who use a number of communication channels which can often cause confusion and overlaps.


Avaya offers three major types of phones: desktop, conferencing, and wireless. Their 9600 IP Desk Phone provides all of the standard calling features you expect from an office phone, but its data capabilities allow you to access various web-based applications.

Like smart phones, their screens host icons for your most-used apps, from favorites to directories to a calculator and more.

Avaya also has a selection of traditional analog and digital phones as well.

For conferencing, Avaya offers a range of options, including its B100 series. Sophisticated but simple to use, these stylish conference phones are equipped with patented OmniSound technology, which provides superior sound quality for your group meetings.

Avaya’s wireless phones provide mobile access for your employees, and are meant for businesses with large buildings or campuses. The IP and DECT handheld models include wireless conferencing and directory access, no matter where you are.

Cloud services

To augment your communication resources while reducing costs, Avaya offers different cloud-based options. Trying to manage unified communications such as a call center and other hosted applications in house can be difficult – and expensive. However, cloud hosting is an efficient solution.

Whether you opt for standard managed services like their Release Management or Managed Operate services, or choose a fully customizable, fully outsourced plan, Avaya aims to improve your telecom capabilities, free up real estate on site, and cut operational costs.


Avaya operates on a case-by-case pricing model, as each business has unique needs. However, their approach is common to the telecom industry: a per user / per month charge. The model can include no upfront payments, and often doesn’t rely on capital expenditure purchases.

For hosting or private cloud options, they use a pay-as-you go model, allowing scalability for your business, depending on current demands and usage.

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Case Studies

  • Landmark Bank
  • University of Washington

Landmark Bank

Landmark Bank wanted to maintain its community bank spirit while expanding its telecom capabilities. To handle a growing number of customers and locations, it needed a more dynamic voice and data infrastructure – with a personal touch.

The bank already had success with Avaya, using its Aura Contact Center for internal IT needs. But their new goal required a more sophisticated service.

Avaya deployed its Aura Platform 6.2 to meet all of Landmark’s contact center demands. It provided smarter call routing while also incorporating email and instant messaging to open up communication between bankers and customers.

Using enhanced Caller ID features, the system was able to identify callers and link them with a familiar banker, based on past preferences.

University of Washington

With more than 51,000 students and a large faculty, the University of Washington needed a telecom system that could handle a variety of needs. A total overhaul was in order as the old system had grown outdated, and couldn’t handle modern trends such as mobility, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Using its Aura platform, Avaya provided one core technology that supported the demands of many departments, and met the requirements of several different vendors.

As a result, they streamlined communications, offered new features for tech-savvy Seattle students and faculty such as video messaging, and reduced costs due to a shared network of routers, switches and cabling (versus individual networks for each).

Benefits and Drawbacks

Avaya excels in enhanced features. Its platforms embrace next-generation communication trends such as instant messaging and video, and seamlessly roll them with voice plans. The result is a multi-faceted, customer-friendly system that’s easy to use.

However, while midmarket and large companies will certainly benefit from their sophisticated systems, Avaya doesn’t offer much for small businesses. Start-ups or companies without big telecom budgets might want to look elsewhere.

Avaya Phone System Review

IP Office system

The IP Office system comes with a suite of dynamic features. For starters, you aren’t limited to IP phones exclusively; you can configure the system to work with analog, digital and soft phones. The system also includes its own IVR system, server, voice mail and analog trunk.

Additionally, the management app is powerful and offers granular control of the system.

It’s also important to remember that a good system comes at a price. The IP Office is capable of enhanced configurations, but it’s best suited for mid to large-size companies who aren’t shy about paying for a powerful telecom solution.

Aura Contact Center

The contact center provides intelligent call routing services in conjunction with live agents, or through a completely automated system. Additionally, the management application is relatively easy to use from your desktop, and the system is equipped with social media capabilities.

It can monitor mentions about your company online and follow up with users accordingly.

However, while it does provide some helpful analytics reporting, more granular metrics would be helpful. The system is ideal for midsize or enterprise organizations that want reliable performance and name recognition from a contact center.


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