Startup Mixology covers the basic
“ingredients” of winning entrepreneurship.

  • Read the stories of companies like MakerBot, WordPress, Zappos, and Basecamp - and many startups you haven’t heard of.
  • Discover the harsh reality of starting up.
  • Learn how to stay sane and happy with moments of celebration. Learn More

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Inside the Book

These days, more people than ever are full of world-changing ideas and, thanks to technology, have the means to bring them to life. But many ideas remain just ideas, and many dreams just dreams. Startup Mixology is first and foremost a book about turning your ideas into action, and it covers the basic “ingredients” of winning entrepreneurship. No abstract theories here - we show you how to tackle everything from idea generation to launch to marketing to funding and how to start getting things done. But starting up isn’t easy! You’ll learn about the harsh reality: what happens when you offend your customers, get no attention, or run out of money. These are the stories you don’t always hear in the media. Every chapter also shows you how to enjoy the journey along the way - because if you don’t, what’s the point of it all? From cake baking to workations to llama parades, you’ll learn how entrepreneurs around the world stay sane, reduce stress, and celebrate the positive. This may seem fluffy, but it’s actually one of the biggest secrets of successful startups. You can do this - and you can have fun doing it, too. In many ways, entrepreneurship will be the most difficult undertaking of your career. But if you can find the right balance of hard work, support, and celebration, it can also be the most rewarding. Startup Mixology takes you through the whole process from start to finish, so you can begin the incomparable journey of turning your great ideas into great startups.

About Frank Gruber

Frank Gruber grew up in the Midwest heartland and is an entrepreneur, new media journalist and investor. He is the author of Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktail’s Guide To Building, Growing and Celebrating Startup Success published by Wiley. He co-founded Tech Cocktail in 2006, which has grown into a hub for the creative class, offering tech startup focused news, events, and resources. Frank has built and launched products for the masses while at AOL, Tribune and Classified Ventures along with startup efforts like Thankfulfor, Splog Reporter and more. As a journalist his works have been featured in a number of top media publications like TechCrunch, Fortune, HuffPo, etc. He was named by Forbes as one of the most connected people in tech. His alma maters include Purdue and Northwestern respectively. While living the startup life, he also enjoys swimming, strumming his guitar and/or ukulele, warm weather, beaches and sports – especially the Chicago Cubs.