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Avaya Phone Systems Review

May 8, 2019

11:15 am

Avaya Logo
  • Established: 2000
  • HQ: Santa Clara, California
  • Own-branded Phones
  • Multi-Platform
  • Cloud Solutions Only

A well-established, versatile VoIP provider with a strong emphasis on third party integrations.

A cloud-based phone solution that is highly scalable and integrates with existing platforms, regardless of devices, locations and media. 

A multi-platform approach means that Avaya's services are available in a variety of places.

  • Caters for businesses from under 100 to 2,500+ staff
  • Works with analog, digital and softphones
  • Offers a wide variety of phones

Avaya is a long established company with many years of expertise in the cloud phone space. Its solutions are very flexible and can integrate with existing systems and hardware, or you can build your solution from scratch. 

Essential software packages Avaya’s services are compatible with include Microsoft Office, ZenDesk and Salesforce.

Read on to see if your business or call center could benefit from switching to Avaya VoIP, as we review Avaya’s features, customer service, desk phones, and price plans.

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Avaya Telephone Services: Core Features

IP Office

For seamless integration of voice, video and mobile services, Avaya offers its midmarket IP Office platform. This collaboration software allows companies to combine contact centers, networking, security and video all from one source, offering Unified Communications. It is an excellent option for small businesses or any organization looking to seamlessly integrate their communications process.

You can choose to run Avaya’s IP office platform from virtual software, your own dedicated server, or a mix of both offering a level of flexibility that is unrivaled within the industry. The phone selections are varied (analog, IP, softphones), and you get enhanced video features for general communication or teleconferencing; again an ideal choice for businesses looking for versatility when it comes to their phone systems.

Avaya Phone ScreenAura Contact Center

For customer support teams Avaya’s Aura contact center will consolidate all of your customer interactions into one manageable desktop interface. This can include email, chat, SMS, Instant Messaging, and social media, as well as phone calls.

Incorporating chat and instant messaging into your telecom plan is ideal for both internal and external communication channels. Website users have now become accustomed to being able to chat to customer service representatives via your website 24 hours a day. What's more, internal instant messaging can greatly improve collaboration between teams if used correctly.

Social Media and text messaging (SMS) also give you important additional channels to accommodate customers who have different communication preferences. The Aura contact center allows any authorized company representative to easily track information that may have been discussed with a customer over multiple communication channels, all from one application. This integration is vital for modern businesses to provide seamless and efficient customer service and ensure high customer retention rates.

Avaya Phones

Avaya offers three major types of phones: desktop, conferencing, and wireless.

Avaya Desktop Phones

The 9600 IP Desk Phone is a good example of a standard Avaya VoIP deskphone option. It provides all of the standard calling features you expect from an office phone, but its data capabilities also allow you to access various web-based applications.

The J100 IP Phone Series demonstrates the more advanced capabilities Avaya phones can offer. With the J179’s 3.5” LCD color display, programmable softkeys and wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t be wanting for much.

Like smart phones, all of Avaya’s phone  screens host icons for your most-used apps, from favorites, to directories, to a calculator and more.

Avaya also has a selection of traditional analog and digital phones, as well as VoIP options.

Avaya Conference Phones

For conferencing, Avaya offers a range of options, including: 

The B100 Series: Sophisticated but simple to use, these stylish conference phones are equipped with patented OmniSound technology, which provides superior sound quality for your group meetings.

The H100 Series: Described as desktop “Video Collaboration Stations”, these devices offer HD 1080p video conference calling with a detachable camera, flexible HDMI inputs and outputs, and wideband audio.

The Avaya CU-360 Collaboration Unit: An easy way to bring international team members, external parties or those working from home into every meeting. The CU-360 Collaboration Unit offers 1080p video with a 4K camera sensor and display support, plus wireless connectivity and screen or application sharing, for example for giving presentations.

Avaya Wireless Phones

Avaya’s wireless phones provide mobile access for your employees, and are meant for businesses with large buildings or campuses. The IP and DECT handheld models include wireless conferencing and directory access, no matter where you are.

Avaya Cloud Services

To augment your communication resources while reducing costs, Avaya offers a few different cloud-based options. Trying to manage unified communications such as a call center and other hosted applications in house can be difficult – and expensive. However, cloud hosting is an efficient solution.

Whether you opt for standard managed services like their Release Management or Managed Operate services, or choose a fully customizable, fully outsourced plan, Avaya aims to improve your telecom capabilities, free up real estate on site, and cut operational costs.

Learn the Language of Business Communication

In the business world, the only thing that can waste more time than complicated jargon is not being able to properly and efficiently communication with your customers. Avaya Ava is a cloud-based AI solution designed to help you keep in touch with your customers no matter where they are.

Thanks to social messaging integration and digital interaction automation, made possible with Chat Bot and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Avaya Ava will turn your social channels into a customer-ready response unit designed to make life a little bit easier for you and your team.

Avaya Customer Support

Avaya offers 24/7 support for critical issues, and is available via phone or chat.

There is also an active forum where users can pose questions, or just look for advice, that is frequented by Avaya staff as well as other users, and can be a great way to gain knowledge of the systems.

Also available are web videos for help with training and support.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: 908-953-6000
  • Contact Form
  • Live chat support
  • 24 hour support line

Training options

  • Online training videos
  • Forum
  • Support tickets
  • Diagnostic Tools

Avaya Plans and Pricing

Avaya operates on a case-by-case pricing model, as each business has unique needs. However, their approach is common to the telecom industry: a per user / per month charge. The model can include no upfront payments.

For hosting or private cloud options, they use a pay-as-you go model, allowing scalability for your business, depending on current demands and usage.

The quickest way to get a bespoke quote for your company is to use our price comparison form today.

Avaya Case Study: University of Washington

With more than 51,000 students and a large faculty, the University of Washington needed a system that could handle a variety of needs. A total overhaul was in order, as the old system had grown outdated, and couldn’t handle modern trends such as mobility, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Using its Aura platform, Avaya provided core technology that supported the demands of many departments, and met the requirements of several different vendors.

As a result, the University has now streamlined their communications, offered new features for tech-savvy Seattle students and faculty such as video messaging, and reduced costs due to a shared network of routers, switches and cabling (versus individual networks for each).

Final Verdict

Avaya offers a full cloud-based telephone business solution that is simple to integrate with your existing platforms. 

During our assessment, we found lots to like about Avaya, including the wide range of excellent desktop and conference phones to choose from, as well as comprehensive cloud service offerings, which could prove a great way for your business to minimize its costs. Make sure you get the best deal for you, by using our free comparison tool to find exactly the package that will compliment your business, offering you fast, personalized quotes with no obligation.

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