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ShoreTel Sky Phone System Review 2019

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

This review reflects ShoreTel’s historic services, which can no longer be accessed.

ShoreTel Sky touts themselves as providers of truly modern phone systems.

While they do have some on-premise solutions, most of their telecom services are cloud-based. They offer businesses remote or virtual hosting, rather than keeping hardware on site at your office.

ShoreTel provides both small business and enterprise solutions. Their VoIP service is aimed at SMBs that don’t have the resources to manage traditional phone systems.
It offers scalability for growth and a pricing model that’s based on what you need right now.

Meanwhile, their Enterprise UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) platform covers a wide range of features for large businesses and even government agencies.

Through the service, ShoreTel manages your phone carriers, maintenance, infrastructure, and applications. Features may include a centralized call center and mobile VoIP.

ShoreTel Sky specializes in converting your costly, cumbersome phone system into a modern, more affordable service.

ShoreTel have now been acquired by Mitel Phone Systems.

Read our updated Mitel review here.

Product, Service and Solutions Overviews

ShoreTel Sky offer the following:

  • Virtual / Hosted PBX
  • Hosted Call Center
  • Application Integration

Virtual / Hosted PBX

ShoreTel Sky’s Virtual PBX service aims to consolidate phone systems over multiple business locations into one cohesive system.

Rather than traditional PBX systems that come with unwieldy hardware, the virtual alternative takes up less space, consolidates phone bills from separate vendors, and can re-direct calls from busy to slow locations.

Additionally, with their mobile VoIP smartphone app, employees can access the Virtual PBX from any location.

ShoreTel’s Hosted PBX service is basically a more enhanced version of its Virtual PBX. The company runs the hardware off premise. As a result, you only need to keep telephones and a router in your office.

You can manage the system through a web-based portal, and control many of its advanced features, such as extension dialing and find me / follow me.

Plus, you can integrate the system with other applications, and take advantage of instant messaging, video conferencing and more.

Hosted Call Center

ShoreTel’s Call Center is a powerful call management tool that lets you maintain great customer service without wasting your own resources.

Because the call center is connected to ShoreTel’s cloud VoIP phone solutions, employees can log in to a call queue during peak times. This way, they can work more efficiently when they’re on standby.

Additionally, the Hosted Call Center offers built-in call recording, which allows agent oversight. Through the Barge and Whisper features, employees can be coached unbeknownst to callers.

The management tools also include easy-to-read analytics reports, which can be used to improve customer relations and create efficiency among telephone agents.

Application Integration

ShoreTel Sky’s Application Integration seeks to streamline your sales process.

By unifying their cloud-based phone system and hosted contact center with CRMs like Salesforce, your sales and management teams can work more efficiently.

For telemarketing, your staff can click rather than dial numbers, saving time and preventing mis-dials.

Other marketing benefits include easy connection of phone numbers to campaigns, calculation of ROI, quick creation of follow-up tasks, and more.

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Case Studies

  • Bonobos
  • Cargo Airport Services USA


Bonobos is a men’s clothing retailer with a 65-peson workforce, and a primarily online operation.

However, when they were founded in 2008, one key difference set them apart from other online retailers: their phone number was advertised front and center.

Founded on exceptional customer experience, the company wanted to make sure that customers could reach them easily and in as many ways as possible.

Through the phone line, live agents could take and process orders. But when they started, the company used old, analog phones, which didn’t provide scalability with their growing business, or useful data tracking.

Bonobos then reached out to ShoreTel Sky to utilize its VoIP services. ShoreTel’s default data reports could be customized to meet operators’ individual needs.

Meanwhile, its Find Me / Follow Me function routed calls to employees working remotely, and its flexibility allowed other workers to join the busy call queue during a website-crashing Cyber Monday.

Cargo Airport Services USA

Cargo Airport Services USA (CAS) provides ramps, cargo handling, and facilities management for airlines at over 24 cargo facilities in the U.S. and Canada – and frequently adds facilities.

Despite its expansion, the company maintains a compact, centralized IT department. Rather than trying to add new phone systems and hardware at each new location, CAS relies on ShoreTel Sky for its scalability and affordable PBX system.

Whenever they add new staff, IT management simply has to call ShoreTel to add new phones, and manages the phone options from the system’s web portal.

For enhanced analysis of its call volume, CAS started using the Live Answer Service Metric, which identified calls made during specific windows of time, and helped determine if an additional call center was needed.

Meanwhile, if an airport shuts down, CAS can rest assured that their phone services stay online.

Their calls are routed through secure off-premise ShoreTel data centers, and then sent to employees’ mobile or home phones if necessary.

Benefits and Drawbacks

ShoreTel Sky offers streamlined IP phone systems. Their easy-to-use cloud-based services make transitioning from a traditional PBX to a more modern system appealing and cost-effective for many businesses.

However, by offering a few legacy on-site options, they provide something for everyone. If you are attached to your current system but want an upgrade, or aren’t persuaded by the audio quality of IP phones, then ShoreTel may still be able to help.

Their services and infrastructure can be scaled to fit a range of business sizes.


Hosted VoIP system

ShoreTel Sky’s Hosted VoIP phone solution provides enterprise-grade features on a small to midmarket scale.

It can handle up to 1,000 users and comes as an on-site solution as well as a cloud-based service, although this review pertains to their could service.

One of the best benefits is accessibility. Any employee can be set up to access the system from any computer, at any location.

In addition to its useful conferencing features, it allows for instant messaging between employees. This comes in handy especially when one person is on a call, and needs to ask a question of a colleague without needing to put the call on hold. Video chat and file-sharing also make the mid-size solution an appealing one.

The customer service, however, could use a small upgrade. While you can reach ShoreTel agents through email and phone (and receive prompt responses), there is no live-chat option.

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