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Best Dual Dash Cam 2019

October 7, 2019

9:31 am

A dual dash cam is a single unit with two lenses. It records video footage of the road ahead of a vehicle, while also filming the interior of the cab – including the driver. By recording two feeds simultaneously, a two way dash cam offers greater coverage, and provides greater insight than a single front-facing cam.

The term “dual facing dash cam” is sometimes confused with another type of cam, the “front and rear dash cam.” While a dual facing cam is a single unit that films the front exterior and interior of a vehicle, a front and rear cam uses two units to film the front exterior and the rear exterior of a vehicle. This page focuses specifically on dual facing dash cams, which film the front and interior views while driving.

Which is the best dual dash cam? We'd recommend the CM32 dash cam for its video quality, features, operability with the popular Samsara fleet management system, and overall value for money.

Read on for all our top dual view dash cam picks, or take a minute to compare dash cam prices for your fleet's needs, using's personalized quotes form.

The best dual dash cams for 2019:

Dual Dash Cam Reviews

Ahead of our full dash cam reviews, here's a quick overview that can help you tally up all the major pros, cons, and abilities to consider for each of our five best dual dash cams.

ProsConsTop FeaturesPrice from…
Samsara dash cam for truckersCM32 Dash Cam– Prevents distracted driving
– Built-in support for Samsara fleet management & GPS tracking software
– Priced on the high end for a dash cam– Infrared LEDs
– Internal accelerometer
– AI coaching
Lytx front and rear dash camLytx Drivecam– Pairs with Lytx vehicle tracking software
– Comes with artificial intelligence for better risk detection
– Doesn't record in 1080p resolution– AI risk detection
– Up to 100 hours of storage
– Night vision
Available through a tailored quote
Vantrue N2 pro dual dash camVantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam– Great video quality: 1080p HD from both lenses
– Strong feature set
– Small 1.5-inch display screen– Collision detection
– Built-in microphone
– SD card maximum: 256GB
Puregear Purecam 520 dual dash camPureGear PureCam Dash Cam– HD front and rear footage
– Livestreaming ability
– Built-in wifi hotspot supports as many as three devices
– No GPS data embedded in footage– Parking mode
– Motion detection
– No SD card maximum
Transcend Pro 520 dual dash camTranscend Drive Pro 520 Dash Cam– Low price for cost-conscious drivers who need a dual view
– Good feature set
– Very limited storage space– 4-inch LCD display
– SD card maximum: 32GB
– Collision detection

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CM32 Dash Cam

Best for overall value

The CM32's front-facing camera lens records in 1080p HD and records a with 121 degree view. Meanwhile, the interior-facing camera records a still high quality 720p, and covers everything with a wide-angle 177 degree view.

The CM32 is sold by top fleet management software company Samsara, and has built-in operability with Samsara's service. Unlike many dash cams, it automatically uploads footage of specific events to the cloud, allowing a fleet manager to view incident footage within minutes of a collision or traffic infraction. In addition, on-demand video is available for the previous 40 hours of driving time, so managers can review a typical day at their leisure.

Another standout feature is the CM32's artificial intelligence abilities, which can analyze a scene in real-time, detecting objects in order to identify near-misses, poor driver behavior like tailgating, and approaching road signs. The dash cam can then issue in-cab voice alerts as a warning if needed.

Additional features include driver scorecards, trend reports, infrared LED-powered night vision, and an internal accelerometer (called a G-sensor) that triggers video recording when it detects a collision.

Top features include:

  • Exterior cam: 1080p HD, 121 degree view
  • Interior cam: 720p HD, 177 degree view
  • Infrared LED night vision
  • Internal accelerometer
  • Real-time alerts and AI coaching
  • Withstands extreme temperatures

Samsara offers a well-established fleet management service, and those already using its FMS are highly likely to settle on this dual dash cam. For those in the market for a fleet-wide dash cam update, this is a stellar choice, offering all the basic features a fleet needs while supplementing them with useful additions like AI and FMS operabilities.

The price tag is high, but a large fleet will quickly recoup that cost in the fleet-wide savings that come along with the greater safety, stronger insurance protections, and better data-driven decision-making enabled by the CM32.

Price: $399

CM32 Dash Cam

Samsara dash cam for truckers


  • Real-time alerts
  • Supports Samsara for streamlined fleet operations
  • Great data collection features, include GPS tracking


  • Priced on the high end

Lytx Drivecam

Best for managers

The Lytx Drivecam's exterior camera films in 82 degrees, while the interior camera offers a more spacious 131 degree view. The resolution for both is 1280p x 800p – while this isn't a standard HD resolution, it's essentially the same as 720p HD, and fully qualifies as high definition. This camera should work fine for capturing clear, accurate footage of traffic signs or license plates.

A separate device, the Lytx Hub adaptor, can be purchased and used to add up to four additional camera units to the Lytx Drivecam, allowing a truck to keep an eye on the rear and side views as well as the front and interior.

This two way dash cam comes packed with features. Additional abilities include an omnidirectional microphone and a speaker for audible in-cab alerts, night vision for the interior cam, GPS location tracking, and a two-year warranty.

The dash cam can record up to 100 hours of continuous looping video footage, as long as it has a large enough SD card. And, like the CM32 dash cam, it comes integrated with artificial intelligence abilities, which offer enhanced risk detection and prevention.

Finally, a particularly useful aspect of the Lytx dash cam is a video dashboard that managers will find easy to search. They'll be able to find video files by date and location, gaining insights from data covering each vehicle's speed and fuel use. The cam is cloud-connected, so managers can receive near-real-time video updates, which will help them cut down on back-and-forth messages while responding rapidly and streamlining productivity.

Top features include:

  • Exterior cam: 720p HD, 82 degree view
  • Interior cam: 720p HD, 131 degree view
  • Night vision: 8 high-lumen infrared LED lights
  • Microphone and speaker
  • GPS location tracking
  • Up to 100 hours of local storage
  • AI risk detection

Since this model works so well with the Lytx vehicle tracking software, it's another option that will be attractive to fleet owners or managers in need of a unified fleet management solution. The dash cam's video quality isn't as high as others on this list, but it offers an unbeatable range of features, even before you get to the easy-to-use dashboard that makes this offering extra appealing to data-hungry managers.

Price: Lytx offers tailored quotes, so get in touch to find out more. 

Lytx Drivecam

Lytx front and rear dash cam


  • Supports Lytx vehicle tracking software
  • AI-powered risk assessment


  • Maximum SD card support is 128GB

Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

Best for video quality

The Vantrue N2 Pro records with a crisp, 1080p HD, 170 degree exterior camera view and a 1080p HD, 140 degree interior camera view. Both cameras can record simultaneously at 1080p and 30fps, or just the front one can be set to record to an even higher quality, at either 1440p and 30fps or 1080p and 60fps. Either way, this camera records the highest quality video you'll find for a dual cam across the board.

A 1.5-inch display allows drivers to watch video locally, and a low-power 24-hour parking mode allows the camera to turn on and begin recording if it senses movement, even when the vehicle is switched off. The dash cam can be set to power on whenever the car is turned on, too, and the LCD light can be turned off so that the screen's glow won't distract the driver.

The Vantrue includes a night vision ability for the interior cam only. It's powered by four infrared LED lights that let it capture a clear grayscale view of the vehicle interior, even in pitch black conditions.

Features also include motion sensing, a collision-detecting G-sensor which saves recorded video when it senses an impact, a built-in microphone and speaker that plays chiming audio alerts, and a maximum SD card storage functionality of up to 256GB (although you'll likely need a high endurance SD card, such as a Samsung or SanDisk).

A GPS tracking add-on mount is sold separately, and can be used to track vehicle speed and location.

Top features include:

  • Exterior cam: 1080p HD, 170 degree view
  • Interior cam: 1080p HD, 140 degree view
  • Night vision: 4 infrared LED lights
  • Motion sensing
  • Collision detection
  • Built-in microphone
  • 1.5-inch Display
  • SD card maximum: 256GB

If you want a high-quality, durable dash cam, look no further. The Vanture N2 Pro's HD video and wide-angle views are top of the line with sharp colors and contrasts, and it offers a broad range of useful features. The display screen isn't as large as most, but if you want good video footage at a reasonable price, this dual dash cam is a great pick.

Price: $200

Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 pro dual dash cam


  • Great video quality
  • Great feature set


  • Small display screen

PureGear PureCam Dash Cam

Best for livestreaming

The PureGear PureCam's exterior camera has a 1080p view, while the interior camera view is 720p. The exterior camera can rotate for optimal coverage, while the interior camera is fixed and includes night vision.

One feature that sets the PureGear PureCam apart is its livestreaming ability. A built-in wifi hotspot supports as many as three devices, enabling 4G LTE, wifi, and video livestreaming. And unlike some dash cam livestreams, it's viewable from anywhere in the world. There's one catch, though – you'll need to spring for a monthly data plan in order to get the livestreaming feature to work.

The dash cam comes bundled with a three-month long, 6GB per month 4G LTE wireless data plan, so you'll be able to try it out and see whether you want to keep paying for the plan (indeed, you may need one with even more data). The bundle also includes a 16GB SD card and a year-long, 7.5GB per month cloud storage plan.

In addition, the unit's built-in display screen is a full 4 inches, making it one of the largest you'll find on a dual dash cam, and the easiest for a driver to watch video locally on. The dash cam also supports a 24-hour parking mode monitoring ability, as well as a G-shock sensor that enables collision detection and auto-recording.

It's a plug-and-play dash cam: it plugs into a vehicle's OBD-II port, which powers the camera in place of a battery.

Top features include:

  • Exterior cam: 1080p
  • Interior cam: 720p
  • Livestreaming app
  • Parking mode
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision: 2 infrared LED lights
  • No SD card maximum

Whether you're inside the vehicle or out of it, this dash cam makes it simple to review video footage. Drivers can easily review footage on the 4 inch display, or can livestream the video on their smartphone once they've left the vehicle.

The PureCam won't meet everyone's needs: for one thing, the lack of embedded or watermarked GPS location data to accompany video footage will be a ding for many fleet managers. The chunky device might also be a little too large for some, although it'll definitely deliver in terms of video playback quality.

Price: $250

PureGear PureCam

Puregear Purecam 520 dual dash cam


  • HD front and rear footage
  • Livestreaming ability
  • Good feature set


  • No GPS data embedded in footage

Transcend Drive Pro 520 Dash Cam

Best for cost-conscious fleets

The Transcend Drive Pro 520 has a full HD, 1080p, 130 degree front view, and a 720p HD, 180 degree interior lens that can rotate and includes 4 infrared LEDs for night vision.

The unit attaches to a vehicle windshield using a suction cup mount, and offers a large 4-inch display for easy footage reviewing. Using the Drive Pro 520 app, drivers can also download and stream video files, though they can't stream a live feed of the video recording.

Additional features on this small, blocky dash cam include a G-sensor for collision detection and auto-recording, and a built-in GPS location tracking function that can be synced to Google Maps and logs time-stamped locations, speeds, and dates.

One downside of the Drive Pro 520 is the limited storage space, as this cam comes with an SD card maximum of just 32GB. If you're recording at a high resolution, you'll run out of space after just four to six hours. While that's a deal-breaker for some, the collision detection feature does automatically lock in video footage of any accidents it senses, ensuring that it won't be recorded over once the SD card is full. If a driver needs a dash cam mostly for capturing events like collisions, the limited storage space won't be an issue.

Top features include:

  • Exterior cam: 1080p HD, 130 degree view
  • Interior cam: 720p HD, 180 degree view
  • Motion detection
  • Collision detection
  • Night vision: 4 infrared LED lights
  • 4-inch LCD display
  • SD card maximum: 32GB

The Drive Pro 520's video quality is great for both cameras, keeping things easy to read even in dim lighting conditions. While it offers all the typical dual dash cam features, it also doesn't stand out with any unusual ones, such as AI abilities. However, it does offer a sturdy, reliable camera, and while not exactly cheap, it is priced lower than most dual dash cams – making it an attractive choice for the cost-conscious dash cam shopper.

Price: $178

Transcend Drive Pro 520

Transcend Pro 520 dual dash cam


  • Low price
  • Good feature set


  • Very limited storage space

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Benefits of Dual Camera Dash Cams

What do dual dash cams have that a single front-facing camera lens doesn't? They offer more comprehensive coverage of the vehicle they survey – and that comes with a handful of worthwhile benefits. Here's a few top reasons why the dual dash cam's exterior and interior views are worth the cost.

Safety while driving

Driving while an in-cab camera watches you might not sound appealing to some drivers, but a good dash cam offers plenty of useful safety features. An AI-powered dash cam can issue audio alerts when it detects poor driving choices, such as tailgating, or when it notices a driver's eyes aren't on the road. Ultimately, dual dash cams help create a safer environment inside as well as outside the vehicle.

Safety inside vehicle

A dual dash cam's interior view sets it apart from a typical front-facing camera. By monitoring the interior of the vehicle, a driver can make sure they keep all their family members or friends covered. In the event of an accident, the video footage could offer useful data that may confirm how, when, and where someone may have been injured.

Insurance protection

In the trucking industry, a collision that results in an injury costs an average of $200,000. With a dash cam that records the interior of a truck cab, a fleet owner can confirm that their drivers' eyes were on the road, and that they're not the ones at fault.

Fleets don't need to wait for a collision to save money, either – with regular dash cam coverage, some insurance plans may lower their premiums.

Passenger visibility

Vehicles with frequent passengers can benefit from a dual dash cam's interior camera keeping an eye on every new passenger. Any taxi or ride-share service constantly sees passengers come and go, and other service industries, like tow trucks, also regularly ferry their clients around as passengers.

The added documentation of a video surveillance feed ensures that passengers' behavior is recorded for future reference. And, since any unremarkable video footage is quickly recorded over, passengers won't need to worry about footage of them remaining once they're gone.

Theft deterrence

The mere presence of a dash cam can deter theft, and the blinking lights of a motion-detecting camera turning on can be enough to scare away most burglars. With a dual dash cam, you'll greatly increase the odds of actually recording footage of a break-in – most smash-and-grabbers break a side window to get in, which a front-facing camera wouldn't catch. The interior-facing lens on a dual cam, however, typically has the infrared LEDs needed for night vision, and can catch a car thief in the act.

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