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Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2019

October 7, 2019

7:40 am

A front and rear dash cam can simultaneously film the road in front of and behind a vehicle. The main unit is at the front, and may include a display screen. The smaller rear unit is located at the back of the vehicle, and might be connected to the front unit either wirelessly or using a cord.

Sometimes, the term “dual facing dash cam” is used to refer to a front and rear cam. However, this term is more often used to refer to a single camera unit that has two lenses – one facing the road exterior, the other facing the driver's interior – rather than two separate units at the front and rear of the vehicle, with a single lens each.

We've rounded up the top five front and rear dash cams here, based on video quality, features, and price.

You can select a brand's name in the table below to jump to our review of that dash cam, or simply scroll down to read each one in turn. Or, if you want to really cut to the chase, you can use our free tool now to be matched with a dash cam provider, and receive personalized quotes for your business needs.

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Front and Rear Dash Cam Reviews

Before we dive into our full reviews of each of the top five front and rear dash cams on the market today, here's a quick comparison table so you can see each camera's top features, along with their overall pros and cons.

Give it a once-over for a quick view on how the best dash cams in this category stack up against each other.

ProsConsTop FeaturesPrice from…
Side view of the Rexing V1P front and rear dash camRexing V1P– Sturdy, reliable
– HD video
– Good price
– Rear camera footage isn't HD– Mobile app
– Wide Dynamic Range
– 256GB storage
Vsysto front and rear dash camVsysto Truck– Easy to install
– Clear night footage
– Includes 3 cameras
– 128GB storage maximum– Night vision
– Waterproof
– Collision detection
Viofo A129 front and rear dash camViofo A129 Duo– HD front and rear footage
– GPS tracking embedded
– Motion detection
– Hardwire kit costs extra– Collision detection
– Built-in microphone & speaker
Thinkware front and rear dash camThinkware F800 Pro– HD front and rear footage
– GPS tracking embedded
– Good security features
– Mobile app may not work on older phones
– No display
– Geofencing
– Motion detection
– Night vision
Crosstour front and rear dash camCrosstour CR900– Great price
– HD front and rear footage
– Very limited 32GB storage space– Collision detection
– GPS interface

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Rexing V1P Dash Cam

Best for overall value

The Rexing V1P records in 1080p HD quality, with a front-end camera that films a wide angle, 170-degree view. While its possible to get a higher quality video with a wider angle, anything more is overkill. This level of quality should be all a trucker needs to see the entire road in front of them while recording in a high enough quality to catch all the details they need, from license plate numbers to street signs or traffic lights. The 480p rear camera is connected to the front camera through an 18-foot-long camera wire, and runs off its power.

Built-in Wide Dynamic Range technology ensures the footage is crisp by auto-adjusting the exposure to account for bright lights and dim nights, while the sturdy supercapacitor can handle extreme temperatures. The 2.4 inch LCD display isn't the biggest, but should be serviceable. The camera can also be set to automatically start recording when it gets jolted by a collision.

Like practically any dash cam, the V1P uses loop recording. It continuously records, storing the footage locally on a microSD card – once storage is full, it will automatically record over the oldest footage. If the cam's sensors detect a collision, they will lock the video, ensuring that no footage of an accident gets recorded over and lost. There's a mobile app, too, which can be used to view and save video footage wirelessly, as well as on the SD card. The video files can be transferred via USB as well.

Aside from providing a mobile app (which don't come as standard with typical dash cams), this camera doesn't include any particularly unexpected or advanced features – there's no artificial intelligence, for instance. However, it does offer great video quality, a unit that can handle jolts and temperature shifts, and a reliable suite of basic features designed to make it easy to record the video you need.

Top features include:

  • 1080p HD, 170 degree front camera
  • 480p rear camera
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Supercapacitor
  • 2.4 inch LCD display
  • Supports up to 256GB SD card (about 44 hours of footage)
  • Mobile app

When you consider the quality of video and features offered by this camera, its $130 price tag seems inexpensive. Fleets in need of a high-quality camera are still cost-conscious, and this terrific low price has helped bump Rexing up to the top of our ranking of the best front and rear dash cams. You'll find higher-end options that cost several hundred dollars more, and lower end options that shave even more off the price – but all things considered, the Rexing V1P offers the best balance of quality and value.

Price: $130

Rexing V1P

Side view of the Rexing V1P dash cam


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • High quality video footage
  • Competitive price


  • Rear camera footage isn't HD

Vsysto Truck Dash Cam

Best for video coverage

The Vsysto offers not just two, but three cameras. In addition to the 1080p HD, 140 degree front-facing main camera unit, the Vsysto comes with two additional 480p, 120 degree units – these can be placed at the rear or on the side for maximum video coverage, with simultaneous recording from three angles at a time. The two smaller cameras both come with a 19.7 ft wire.

The front unit comes with a 3-inch display to view or playback the footage. It's worth noting that, while all three cameras will record footage at the same time, the monitor will only play the front camera or the two additional cameras in a split-image view, but not all three at once.

Features include a built-in sensor that activates the cameras when a collision is detected, waterproof lenses and casings, and a loop recording feature that captures video files in lengths of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. All cameras include night vision  – a useful perk that many dash cams don't offer – thanks to 940nm infrared LED lights.

The front unit can be installed by simply attaching it to the windshield with a suction cup. The two additional cameras are a little trickier to install, but come with tape and wire holders that should be easy to figure out.

One downside: GPS tracking isn't included in the main package. However, it is available as an add-on that plugs into the front unit.

Top features include:

  • 1080p HD, 140 degree front camera
  • 480p, 120 degree rear/side cameras
  • 3-inch TFT LCD
  • Night vision
  • Collision detection
  • Waterproof
  • SD card maximum: 128GB

Thanks to the extra cameras, trucks using the Vsysto dash cam will be able to record footage that watches over their blind spots. This is useful if drivers are sideswiped in a collision that they might otherwise never witness, and can also aid in daily use as turning assistance. In addition, the night vision is a powerful feature – the two rear/side cameras only record in 480p, which would not capture full details during nighttime without the infrared night vision they boast.

Price: $200


Vsysto front and rear dash cam


  • Easy to install
  • Night vision
  • Includes three cameras


  • SD card maximum is 128GB

Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam

Best for location tracking

Viofo's front camera comes with a 1080p, 140 degree wide angle lens. Pretty standard, right? But get this: the rear camera also records in 1080p HD with a 140-degree wide angle lens. That's rare for a rear cam, which typically only delivers a 480p quality video with a reduced angle coverage to boot. In addition, Viofo's front and rear dash cam comes with a GPS module that embeds the vehicle's location and current speed into every video file. The rear camera comes with a cable measuring 19 feet, 8 inches.

A microphone and speaker are built into the front camera unit, allowing for video files to include audio. Features also include motion sensing, which lets the cameras automatically start recording when they detect motion. The loop recording ability can be set to record video files in 1, 3, 5, and even 10 minute increments, and will overwrite the oldest files in order to ensure continuous rolling coverage. It supports an SD card as large as 256GB, which works out to roughly 16 and a half hours of 1080p footage.

While the camera does have the G-sensor needed to allow it to automatically begin recording when it detects a collision, this feature will only work if the cam is hardwired to the vehicle, which requires an optional $15 hardwire kit. This also applies to the aforementioned motion sensing ability.

The speed a vehicle is going, in mph, is included in the video footage. While this can be turned off, the GPS location tracking is embedded in the video file metadata, and can be used to calculate speed. In other words, when GPS tracking is on, speed at your own peril.

Top features include:

  • 1080p, 140 degree front camera
  • 1080p, 140 degree rear camera
  • Motion sensing
  • Collision detection
  • Built-in microphone & speaker
  • 2-inch LCD Display
  • SD card maximum: 256GB

Fleet managers wary of insurance claims will be grateful for the GPS location tracking, which can be used to quickly and easily confirm that a driver was in the right place and driving at the correct speed when a collision occurred. This GPS tracking feature can also be used to encourage safer driving habits, should a driver be found to have a habit of speeding. And, at $160, it's a fair price for a cam that includes high-quality front and rear footage.

Price: $160

Viofo A129 Duo

Viofo A129 dash cam


  • HD front and rear footage
  • GPS tracking embedded
  • Motion detection


  • Hardwire kit costs extra

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash Cam

Best for security

The Thinkware F800 Pro offers high-end quality video from both of its cameras, combined with plenty of features for security-conscious drivers. Once again, both cameras can record in 1080p, with great performance in low lighting. Indeed, the system runs using a powerful Ambarella A12 chipset.

The Thinkware shares a few perks with the Viofo – in addition to the rare 1080p on the rear as well as front cameras, it includes GPS tracking embedded in every video file. The security features set the Thinkware apart, however: once hardwired into the vehicle, the dash cam's capabilities include wifi-powered geofencing alerts – which are triggered if the vehicle moves outside a set geographic region – and a parking recording mode, which saves energy by reducing power by two-thirds and allows for three times longer recording periods. Automated motion detection and night vision can also be set.

Drivers can also monitor their vehicles from a distance, as they can view their video footage using a mobile app – provided they have an Android or iOS device.

The camera's firmware includes a few protective measures. If it senses the vehicle battery is running low, it'll shut down to avoid draining the battery, and if the dash cam gets overheated, it will automatically shut down as well.

Top features include:

  • 1080p HD front camera
  • 1080p HD rear camera
  • 21 ft rear camera cord
  • Geofencing
  • Parking mode
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Ambarella A12 processor
  • SD card maximum: 128GB

Thanks to its video quality, night vision, and processing power, the Thinkware F800 is tough to beat – and it should be, given the pricey $380 that this camera will cost you. It's on the high end, but it delivers the quality and security features you need to enjoy peace of mind that your vehicle is protected at all hours.

Price: $380

Thinkware F800 Pro

Thinkware front and rear dash cam


  • HD front and rear footage
  • GPS tracking is embedded
  • Security features


  • The mobile app may not work well on older phones
  • No display

Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam

Best for cost-conscious fleets

Both the front and rear cameras on the CR900 record in 1080p HD and 170 degrees, making this one of the best front and rear dash cams on the market today. The scope and clarity of the rear camera are just as great as the front, and you're unlikely to beat them, even with high-end cameras.

Video footage records simultaneously for both cameras, and is viewable through the 3-inch HD LCD display on the front camera unit. The CR900 does not include a mobile app, but video files can be transferred and saved through a USB port.

When hardwired into the vehicle, the camera's features include motion and collision detection. It also supports an optional GPS interface that costs extra, but tracks speed and location at all times, embedding the data into each video file. The dash cam package includes the two camera units along with a car charger, adhesive mounts, a 19-foot-long rear camera cable, and a USB cord.

One big disadvantage of the CR900: its official maximum storage capability is a 32GB SD card, which means that it will only record about an hour of 1080p footage from both cameras before it runs out of space and starts saving new footage over the older footage. That's a significantly shorter amount of time than most dash cams will save, and could be a problem for anyone who wants to review footage after a day of driving. However, the back camera can be set to record in a lower resolution, freeing up space. Also, one reviewer has claimed they were able to successfully use a 128GB SD card, which would quadruple the available video storage space.

Top features include:

  • 1080p HD, 170 degree front camera
  • 1080p HD, 170 degree rear camera
  • Motion detection
  • Collision detection
  • GPS interface (add-on)
  • 3-inch HD LCD display
  • SD card maximum: 32GB

Aside from the lack of video storage space, this is a stellar dash cam. It records in great quality, includes a few useful features, and comes in at a trim $100 price, making it one of the cheapest front and rear dash cams available.

Price: $100

Crosstour CR900

Crosstour dash cam


  • Amazing video quality
  • Amazing price
  • Good features


  • Very limited storage space

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Why Get a Front and Rear Facing Dash Camera?

A dash cam that can record the road in front of your vehicle covers a lot of traffic issues and collision concerns. But it's not comprehensive.

Fender benders and rear-endings are the most obvious types of accidents that a rear camera can protect your vehicle against. It can also help if another vehicle happens to side-swipe your own – you can review the rearview video footage to see if you can get a better glimpse of the vehicle prior to the collision itself. Having one angle of video is good, but having two different angles to contrast against each other is great.

All the benefits of a front dash cam are doubled for a front and rear dash cam. It offers greater visibility for insurance protection, as well as better theft deterrence thanks to motion detection features.

However, you'll need to do your homework when buying a front and rear dash cam. There's a little ambiguity between the definitions of a “front and rear” cam, which should include a separate camera unit that can be installed in the back of your vehicle, and a “dual” cam, which is one unit that records both the road in front and the inside of the cab. It's not unknown for a dual cam manufacturer to market their camera as a front and rear cam that just has a “limited rear view” – but if you want video of the road behind your vehicle, you'll need a true front and rear dash cam like the ones listed on this page.

Compare Front and Rear Dash Cam Prices

Pricing is important when it comes to picking out a front and dash cam, particularly for a trucking fleet, which will need to multiply the cost for every vehicle being equipped.

At the end of the day, you'll need a high quality front and rear dash cam at the best price possible. If you're ready to start comparing prices, we've got just the tool for you: fill out our quick comparison form, and we'll start sending you the top deals from the best dash cam providers around.

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