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Best Social Media Management Services

August 31, 2018

11:45 am

Navigating the troubled waters of social media can feel incredibly daunting, particularly for businesses trying to make an impact. Fortunately, social media management services can improve your reach and increase your authority, and you won't have to lift a finger – you'll have dedicated experts working to make your brand a social media success.

With 65 million business pages on Facebook alone, getting your company noticed on social media is competitive enough as it is. Combine this serious saturation problem with confusing algorithms and changes to best practice, and social media maintenance can feel more like an annoying problem than a helpful solution.

With expert social media management services available though, you'll have nothing to worry about. They'll plan your strategy, execute consistently, and engage your audience in a way that will improve your bottomline and establish your company's authority all in one fell swoop.

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Best Social Media Management Services

Finding the right social media management service for your company isn't immediately obvious. It's a competitive market, and by their nature, these companies are good at self promotion! So, how can you tell which is best for your business? Fortunately, we've rounded up a few of the best social media management services, so you can easily find experts who will take your business from vacant to viral.

Lyfe Marketing Logo Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing ReportsLyfe Marketing is one of the highest-rated social media management services on the market. Based in Atlanta, GA, this all-in-one service can help your small- to medium-sized business make an impact on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They'll help you develop brand awareness with more followers, build relationships through meaningful engagement, and increase website exposure with added traffic.

Lyfe Marketing primarily deals with social media management, but also offers pay-per-click and SEO marketing, web design, and social media advertising. This gives you the confidence that they have the resources to manage your accounts, as well as the option to branch out in the future if your company grows.

Boostability Logo Boostability

Boostability AnalyticsIf you're a small business looking to get a boost on social media, Boostability is designed for you. It's staffed by experts in social media management who can help you be more relevant and visible on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Boostability has an impressive selection of analytical and reporting tools that will help you understand exactly what social media management is doing for your business. Additionally, because they focus on search engine optimization as well as social media management, you know that Boostability will have the knowledge to truly make a difference on your next campaign.

Hibu logo Hibu

Hibu ScreenshotFocusing exclusively on Facebook for your social media efforts isn't a terrible idea as a business, especially considering that it has more than one billion daily users. With the right strategy, you can reach a massive target audience with few resources, little energy, and on a budget. This is where Hibu comes in handy.

With targeted ads, optimized business pages, and tangible data, Hibu will turn your Facebook presence into the ambassador for your brand that it's supposed to be. Plus, with one-on-one consulting available, your vision for social media won't get lost in the shuffle.

It's also worth noting that Hibu offer their social media services as part of a full digital marketing package, so if you opt for this company you'll get search marketing, SEO and more in addition to Facebook campaigns.

SociallyIn Logo SociallyIn

While a jack-of-all-trades agency can be right for some companies, there's no shame in wanting a social media management service that only focuses on social media. With SociallyIn, you'll get the expertise only found on teams exclusively paying attention to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

They're tapped into ongoing trends like influencer marketing, and can improve your strategy without you having to lift a finger.

By researching your industry and developing campaigns based on that research, SociallyIn produces results that you can see on your bottomline as well as in your brand authority. They'll also help you set goals so that the future of your social media presence doesn't collapse along the way, and that's more important than anything.

Bad Rhino Inc Bad Rhino Inc

Bad Rhino ScreenshotExclusively focusing on Facebook is one thing, but an all-encompassing social media strategy with a primary focus on Facebook covers a lot more bases. With Bad Rhino Inc, you'll be able to make an impact on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, while still keeping your resources focused on social media's white whale.

With data-focused strategies and expert storytelling, Bad Rhino takes a more informal approach to getting your name out in the world via social media, thanks to their “we don't bullsh*t” attitude. They make sure you're involved in the process, so their expertise will be informed by your knowledge about the company.

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Why is Social Media Management Important?

Conducting business on social media has become more than just an added benefit to your bottomline; it's now a necessity for businesses looking to stay competitive. People from all walks of life have become using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inform purchasing decisions like never before.

73.4 percent of social media users follow a particular brand because they're interested in their product or service. 70 percent of Gen-Xers are more likely to make a purchase from brands they follow on social media.

Outside of these convincing statistics, social media management really can make a huge difference for your company. In addition to providing an open funnel for customers to communicate with you, social media gives you a way to increase brand awareness, improve brand image, launch new products faster, and even publicize sales and giveaways. In so many words, social media can be whatever you need it to be, as long as you have the knowledge and resources to pull it off.

Benefits of Social Media Management Services for Small Business

Running your company's social media might seem like an easy task to handle on your own. After all, how hard is it to post articles, comment on statuses, and respond to messages in a timely manner? Well, unfortunately for you non-experts out there, establish your company on social media takes a lot more than a few posts and a couple likes.

Social media management services combine expert knowledge, committed resources, and industry know-how to create meaningful content, build engaging campaigns, and foster relationships between your company and its followers.

Yes, social media management tools that you run yourself can help you save a little time and energy when it comes to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, without training, you could just end up making the same mistakes on a grander scale than before. With social media management services like these, you'll be able let the experts handle everything while you focus on the big picture.

Which Social Media Platform is the Most Important?

Let's cut to the chase; it's Facebook. With more than 2 billion monthly active users and more than 1 billion daily active users, Facebook provides the most obvious avenue to new customers, effective customer service, and an improved bottomline.

From affordable advertising options to thorough analytics, utilizing Facebook to promote your business isn't just easy, it's effective. According to research, Facebook is the second highest rated platform for ROI when it comes to advertising, with Google Search taking the top spot. And when a social media platform competes with a search engine for ROI, you have to take notice.

Which Social Media Platform is the Least Important?

Despite Facebook's obvious spot at the top, there is no definitive ranking of social media platforms, particularly when it comes to business. If you're trying to decide which platforms aren't worth the investment, you'll have to look at exactly what you're trying to accomplish with social media and what kind of customers you're trying to attract.

Social Media Tips for BusinessFor example, if you recently launched a clothing startup, setting up a business account on Pinterest, you could attract a wide range of new customers interested in improving their fashion sense. However, if you're a B2B software provider, Pinterest isn't going to do much to help you improve your bottomline.

Simply put, it's up to you to figure out which social media platform is the least useful for your business. However, a general rule is that the smaller the audience, the less necessary that platform is for your business.

Social Media Management Services Pricing

Cost is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding whether or not social media management is right for you. The right service will be able to save you time and energy, but if the cost is too high, what's the point? That's why understanding the price of social media management services is integral in making your decision.

The most significant aspect of pricing when it comes to social media management services is which platform you're looking to focus on. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and pretty much every other social media platform will come with a different price tag, so make sure you know which platforms you're interested in before you make a decision.

Likewise, social media management services come with a wide range of features, that can greatly affect the cost. If you're just looking for a company that can schedule posts and respond to comments, the price will be on the lower side. However, if you're looking for a service that will take care of everything, including your social media strategy, you might end up spending a little extra.

Get a Social Media Management Service Quote Today

Deciding which social media management service will make the biggest impact for your company isn't easy, but we hope that we made it a little easier. Either way, these services are designed to bring social media prowess to businesses like yours, and which ever one you pick will do just that.

However, the only way to know whether or not a social media management service is right for you is to get a quote today. We'll help you fully understand the cost of a more complete social media presence.

Engage your audience and boost your profits with social media management.

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