HelpCrunch Wants to be Top Dog for Customer-Centric Apps

May 27, 2015

9:00 am

As the team at HelpCrunch tells me, over 60 percent of online traffic now comes from mobile and that statistic is exponentially growing. In response to that, businesses have acknowledged this trend and begun shifting their platforms to mobile or even going so far as to build for mobile first.

“As the mobile ad market gets tougher and prices to acquire mobile users increase, mobile businesses must search for alternative ways to communicate with customers, in order to reduce churn rate and drive more revenue,” says Serge Morozov, CEO and founder of HelpCrunch. “Today businesses are in need of effective customer management solution that can be adapted for various needs. HelpCrunch is aiming to become number one tool for customer-centric apps by offering flexible re-invented CRM with social edge and in-app messaging for two-way interactions and engagement.”

To that end HelpCrunch today officially announced that their platform to combine the functionality of a CRM tool with a two way messaging platform for mobile businesses will be launching into public beta. Their goal is to become the number one tool for customer centric mobile businesses.

HelpCrunch was built to be a one stop solution for mobile app owners, marketers, sales, and support teams. It helps them get insights into users’ data, engage in real-time conversation, send targeted behavior-driven messages, collect customer feedback, and provide support with the benefits of mobile capabilities: everything is about a personalized interaction.

The company is also announcing they have raised a $500,000 investment from Werocks, a VC firm focused on technology companies at their early stages of development. Angel investor Dmitri Lipnitsky, cofounder of Intellectsoft, also pitched in on the round.

“This round of investment capital will help us continue to fine-tune HelpCrunch’s product capabilities so that mobile app businesses can retain users, build stronger customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value,” says Morozov. “We believe that HelpCrunch is for mobile business where every user matters.”

Founded in September 2014 and headquartered in Campbell, CA, HelpCrunch’s product innovation was conceived as a solution to poor customer engagement and a lack of in-app personalization tools. The new app launch, paired with the funding, is going to go a long way to help them achieve their goals.

Image Credit: HelpCrunch video


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