10 Space Startups Reaching for the Stars

June 6, 2016

3:30 pm

Space is the final frontier – humans have dreamed of making the trip beyond the stars for longer than we can remember. And while we've checked the moon off the list of places to go, there is so much more to explore. Luckily, SpaceX has been making some of the most impressive moves we've ever seen from space startups. It's no wonder the market is becoming saturated with budding entrepreneurs looking to travel beyond our atmosphere.

While most space startups aim to make traveling to the stars easier, there's an impressively wide range of companies hoping to take on space in a number of different ways. Whether it be extravagant, rocket-fueled funeral services or robotic arms that make working in space that much easier, these startups are making an impact on the space travel market more than anyone else.

And if you are wondering if you recognize any of the startups on this list, be sure to check it out now and reach for the stars with them!

Firefly Space Systems

Bagaveev Corporation

Space Travel Alliance

Elysium Space

Phase Four

Positron Dynamics


Crowd 2 Space

Escape Dynamics

United Space Structures

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