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The 100 Most Visited Websites in the US [Infographic]

March 28, 2017

12:50 pm

Despite the world going mobile, laptops and desktops still account for a significant portion of the online world. In fact, there are currently more than one billion live websites in the world, with more being added literally every second as it's easier than ever to make a website.  Sure, most people don't use a substantial percentage of these sites, but the top 100 websites boast millions of viewers on a regular basis.

Thanks to data from Alexa, the top 100 sites are easier than ever to nail down. This data, which was compiled based on the traffic to each website, not only allows you to see the ranked placements of websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, but also allows you to see how they're connected to their parent companies, which industry they promote, and a comprehensive visual to see which one's are the most popular.

As far as the websites go, the top ten is filled with a veritable who's-who of the apps on your smartphone. Google naturally took the number one spot, with YouTube (#2), Facebook (#3), Amazon (#4), and Yahoo (#5) rounding out the top five. The websites rounding out the top ten include: Wikipedia (#6), Reddit (#7), eBay (#8), Twitter (#9), and Netflix (#10).

What do these websites say about how internet users are spending their time? Mostly that social media and entertainment rule the online landscape. Sure, Google and Yahoo are merely search engines, but they do act as the gateway to everything else on the internet. As far as Wikipedia is concerned, I supposed my high school history teacher's message didn't get across: don't use it for research.

If you want a larger version of the infographic created by Visual Capitalist, check it out here. If you want a simple list version of the top 100 websites, check it out here. If you want to avoid getting in trouble for looking at these website at work, you're out of luck.

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