1Password Launches New Feature to Promote Safe Sharing

The name feature -- whimsically dubbed Psst! -- allows users to share data like passwords securely with anyone.

Sharing personal data doesn’t need to be scary anymore, as 1Password announced a new feature that allows users to securely share items online with anyone, including non-1Password users.

Let’s be honest, every time you share a password via text, messenger, or email, your heart skips a beat. That’s because with online security in such a troubled state of late, you never know how or when you could be at risk of being hacked.

Fortunately, there are tools — like password managers — that make existing online a little less daunting, and 1Password is adding another one to the pile.

1Password Adds Psst! Feature for Secure Sharing

In a press release, 1Password announced the new feature, whimsically named “Psst!” which even more whimsically stands for “Password Secure Sharing Tool.” The feature allows 1Password users to share sensitive data securely with everyone, including non-1Password users.

“Having the ability to share passwords and other credentials outside of a business or family has been one of our most highly-requested features, and I’m very excited by today’s launch of Psst! as it helps keep everyone, not just 1Password customers, safe online,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password.

The need for this kind of feature is undeniable, especially given the findings of a recent 1Password report. With 36% of IT and DevOps workers admit to sharing company secrets like API tokens and corporate credentials through insecure channels, finding a way to mitigate the risk with a simple tool just makes sense.

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Some 1Password Milestones

1Password isn’t just announcing a new feature either, although that is arguably the most exciting news. After all, how many more times can you send passwords to streaming services to your friends before someone hacks it?

No, 1Password also celebrated some significant milestones for the company, including surpassing 100,000 business customers and growing its employee count to 500.

“Crossing the 100,000 business customers mark is a clear indication that businesses understand the need to safeguard their passwords and other sensitive information online,” said Shriner.

It’s no secret that cybersecurity remains an important issue for individuals and businesses alike, so it makes sense that 1Password has seen success lately. Particularly with the pandemic making security an even more troubling threat, platforms like these are a step in the right direction.

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