3 Startups Disrupting Branded Entertainment

March 14, 2016

5:49 pm

It’s no revelation that consumers have shifted the way they consume media.  We live in a world where traditional push-based advertising is no longer as effective as it once was because these same  consumers no longer view advertisements as valuable and have the ability to drown them in a world of differing content. A combination of ad blindness, ad blocking and even “ad annoyance” has brands scrambling to figure out how to appeal to an audience that wants entertainment, wants information and most importantly wants a dialogue rather than a message. 63% of Millennials alone are now blocking ads according to a study by Retale.

Enter branded entertainment. Agencies and brands across the board are jumping on novel ways to create messages that go far above and beyond a push and delve into the ways audiences will actually enjoy, and in fact seek out what they want to watch. We are in the wild west however, when it comes to actually allowing branded entertainment endeavors to flourish seamlessly. Knowing the below three innovators will allow anyone to get a leg up on the game as it continues to thrive past the $79 Billion a year industry it was in 2015.

Create It with Philo Media

From the same streets where deep-dish pizza claimed its rise to fame, Chicago based Philo Media is lending their expertise to push branded video to its highest creative potential. As a leading digital production agency Philo works with brands to concept, produce and distribute premium branded video campaigns with an entertainment first as well as mobile first orientation.

With a resume featuring General Motors, Porsche and Kellogg’s, their team puts the creativity element of video form top shelf. Having the capabilities and resources of competent strategy development, high quality TV level production and full-scale distribution, Philo Media offers an opportunity to produce award-winning branded entertainment campaigns easily, seamlessly and without the bulky agencies of the past.

Get It Out Into the World with Yangaroo

Toronto native Yangaroo’s main objective is to make marketers lives a little bit easier. Offering a fully cloud-based distribution platform, branded content creators can submit content where quality checks are automatically made. Given the potential for long form to be riddled with hidden errors, this is nearly invaluable in and of itself. They are able to manage their content looking for errors and opportunities to increase efficiency. Finally the users can deliver their content to the desired destinations across a broad network of outlets ensuring the right audience can find the perfect piece of content for their entertainment or informational needs.

The YANGAROO platform is 100% cloud-based with APIs allowing deep integration into a fully client-proprietary system. Users on both ends are able to manage their files without specialized hardware or added infrastructure. The platform has enabled brands like Calvin Klein, Target and CoverGirl reach their intended audience with branded entertainment.

Bankroll It with Zype

Working in harmony with content creators, brands, publishers and networks Zype allows users to freely choose how they want to monetize their content. Whether it is through purchase or rental, 100% of revenue rolls straight into the bank.

Marketers are fully able to implement their revenue generation strategy across AVOD outlets on all devices. Zype offers monetization opportunities on sites like Hulu and YouTube, which are extraordinary fits for branded entertainment campaigns. Users also have access to spread their videos across connected OTT channels like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, ChromeCast and more. When it comes time to earn some revenue Zype offers a way to make all your creative and distribution work come to life.

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David Jacoby is a media futurist and consultant to numerous fortune 1000 brands as well as startups. His primary area of consultation include marketing, sales and ecommerce technologies.