3 Unique Applications of Augmented Reality Tech

April 19, 2016

3:02 pm

While Virtual Reality (VR) has been dominating tech news, augmented reality (AR) is also getting some attention – with companies like Google making it a priority on top of VR – even though they can be connected, as the video below shows:

A reason to prefer AR over VR may be linked to the fact that AR is less “invasive”, in the sense that it does not require the user to be completely unaware of the surroundings. Another one might be the amount of possibilities AR brings, and how little is required to implement them. Here are a few amazing examples of how AR can be used.

“Live” Books

The Portuguese publishing company Porto Editora has recently announced a new feature on some of their textbooks: augmented reality. It will allow students to, along with the app available for iOS and Android, explore textbooks in a technological way, accessing additional content with the help of AR.

Tattoo Preview

In order to avoid future regrets, there is an app that uses AR to predict how tattoos will look on the skin of users. Ink Hunter uses the smartphone’s camera to project, on the smartphone’s screen, the designs that a person would like to engrave on their skin.

Instant Measurements

By using a 3D Scanner such as Structure Sensor,it is possible to have accurate and instant measurements of almost any object or person around, which is quite useful for on-the-spot measurements for clothing, with people, or the dimensions of a given object, for example. This device works by being attached to an iPhone or an iPad.

Jeff Powers, CEO and cofounder of Occipital, the company behind the Structure Sensor, explained how this system works:

“Models captured are to-scale and as a result, just about any measurement can be extracted after capture. Structure developers can (and have) created tools to automate measurement extraction for various use cases like body measurements, object volume, and best-fit box sizes.”

Other uses of 3D Scanners include the possibility to put ourselves (or someone else) into an AR app, much like Evan Lahti did when he put himself inside of GTA V.

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