4-Day Workweek Jobs You Can Apply for in November 2023

Are you done working on Friday? These companies can hook you up with a permanent long weekend - and they're hiring right now.

The 4-day workweek has become so much more than a pipedream over the last few years. Big corporations and small companies alike have begun providing the popular employee perk, with 4-day workweek jobs linked to better staff wellbeing and even improved productivity.

However, not everyone is on board just yet, with the majority of businesses sticking to the standard five-day workweek for most employees. Sure, you could ask your boss for a four day workweek, but if that doesn’t work, there’s only one option. And short of upping sticks to one of the countries with 4-day workweek policies, it’s getting a new job.

In this guide, you’ll learn about all the 4-day workweek job openings currently live in November. We’ll only include the ones that let you work four days a week for the same pay, as taking a pay cut to work just four days a week isn’t a “4-day workweek” as we understand it – it’s just working part-time.


There might be a few companies on this list that are flexible with their 4-day workweek. Buffer is not one of those companies, offering every single one of its employees the same pay for only four days of work per week.

In May 2020, Buffer decided to test out the 4-day workweek, given the pandemic was wreaking havoc on employee mental health. The trial went great, and the company made it an official policy for the entire company in late 2020.

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If you do have a bit of extra work to get done, Buffer encourages employees to work a fifth, meeting-less day per week, but that is completely optional. And because Buffer is an entirely remote team, there’s no office to go to either way.

Unfortunately, Buffer is a smaller team than the average company, and there is currently only one position open in November, but make sure to check back for more updates:

  • Design Engineer, Marketing

Learn more about Buffer’s open job vacancies on the company’s website.


At the start of the pandemic, Feathr opted to reduce pay for upper management and executives by 20%, while reducing work at the same rate, so everyone got Friday off. As the financial stress of the pandemic wore off, the company went back to the standard pay model, but decided that the additional day off was really improving culture and wellbeing at the company.

Now, all Feathr employees get Friday off, with the day before the 3-day weekend being playfully deemed “Thriday” to further illustrate how much they care about their employees.

Feathr takes pride in its 4-day workweek, and there are plenty of positions open right now that could have you enjoying your own “Thriday” every single week.

  • Team Manager, Customer Success
  • Account-Based Marketing Manager
  • Senior Product & Partner Marketing Manager
  • Senior Account Director
  • Senior Account Executive

Learn more about Feathr and its “Thriday” philosophy on the company’s website.


There are plenty of studies out there that the 4-day workweek has a positive impact on employee wellbeing, both physical and mental, while also improving productivity. GoLinks has taken this to heart by allowing all of its employees to work four days a week for the same pay.

GoLinks is fully behind the benefits of a 4-day workweek and hopes its model will help encourage other workplaces to get on board with the popular new employee perk, which has been shown to improve staff retention and overall happiness.

Here’s a look at the 4-day workweek jobs available at GoLinks in November:

  • Enterprise SDR
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Renewal Specialist
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • Product Manager

Stay up to date on 4-day workweek positions at GoLinks by checking out the company website.


Kickstarter is about more than helping innovative inventions get funding when they need it, the company is all about innovation when it comes to working conditions too. The crowdfunding platform has effectively established the rule, with “most” employees working on the shortened schedule.

Kickstarter represents a significant company in the 4-day workweek, with its 900 employees being one of the larger workforces to take on the new policy.

Kickstarter is another company that was included in our October roundup of 4-day workweek jobs. Much like Bolt, some roles have been filled, but others have been added, so you still have a chance to take advantage of this workplace perk.

  • Engineering Manager, Mobile Applications
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Senior Counsel

Want to work at Kickstarter? Head on over to the company website to check out the open positions now.


Of all the companies currently hiring that offer the 4-day workweek to its employees, ThredUp is arguably one of the most prominent. The clothing company currently has partnerships with H&M and Bloomingdales and has become quite popular with younger buyers.

Even better, ThredUp is hiring like crazy right now, and every single one of its employees gets to enjoy the long weekend thanks to the 4-day workweek policy that was put in place in 2021 after a one-year trial that started during the pandemic.

Here are some of the jobs currently available at ThredUp in their Oakland, Scottsdale, New York City, and Kyiv offices around the world.

  • Staff Sofware Engineer, Merchandising
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Front-end Software Engineer, Content & Incentives
  • Engineering Manager, Merchandising
  • Manager, SEC Reporting
  • Senior Product Designer
  • General Ledger Accountant
  • Senior Data Infra Engineer
  • Payroll Manager
  • Data Analyst, Marketing
  • Data Analyst, Product

New roles are always being filled and vacated, which means you should check out the ThredUp website to stay up to date.


Bolt was a bit later to the 4-day workweek party than other companies on this list, waiting until 2021 to test out the new work policy. After a three-month trial, though, employees and managers were both fully on board.

In fact, 87% of managers noted that they felt productivity had increased over the trial period, a fact that many companies have found to be true about the shortened work schedule.

Bolt was included in our October edition of this guide, and while some of the roles have been filled since last month, a few remain from last month, as well as a few additions that may be a better fit. Here are the open positions at Bolt in November:

  • Lead Business Development Representative
  • Senior Engineering Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer

Stay up to date on the jobs available at Bolt by checking out the company website.

Can’t Find the Right 4-Day Workweek Job?

If you’re looking for a 4-day workweek job, chances are one of the things you really want is a better work/life balance.

If that’s the case and you can’t find the right 4-day fit, you could also consider applying one of the many fully remote jobs hiring this November.

Alternatively, you might be able to ask to work remotely more often in your current role, or join one of the companies with the best employee perks in general.

It might not be a 4-day workweek, but other relatively small changes could make a big difference to your job satisfaction.

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