4 Tips for a Better Wi-Fi Connection

February 1, 2015

6:00 pm

Does your wireless network often let you down just at that time when you need to send a very important message or when you are about to begin watching a new release on your smart device?


You can now improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection by taking note of some simple but useful tips that are going to enhance your overall online experience.

1 – Location

Check out the signal strength of the router you purchase to know the reach. With one router you can't expect to get high Wi-Fi coverage from different parts of a large home. Install your wireless internet router at the most fitting location on the top level and nearest to the central position of your home in order to receive maximum coverage from the different corners of your home. The antennas of your router, if there are any, need to be kept in fixed positions, one vertically and the other one horizontally, for improving your Wi-Fi performance.

2 – Repetition

You can opt for placing another additional device, – a repeater, at those locations where you are not receiving proper wireless signals. As an extender, this device connects to your router and provides you with a more satisfactory wireless connection. The router button of Wi-Fi Protected Setup, when pressed, becomes activated within a couple of seconds.

3 – Upgraded Wi-Fi Plans

If you still cannot get proper wireless coverage, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for an improved service plan for faster uploads and downloads every month. Upgrading your router can also help you to obtain enhanced wireless performance – you can get quicker and wider coverage with this option. ‘Multiband’ routers are also very useful as Wi-Fi devices, which you can keep at home to receive Wi-Fi signals faster than before.

4 – Security

Your password strength needs to be ideal since your signals can at any time be used unlawfully: today's routers provide wider coverage than ever before. Usage of your wireless connection in this manner by your neighbors can reduce the speed of your Wi-Fi performance.

There are a number of other security aspects too. If someone else uses your wireless network connection to download unacceptable online content such as pirated videos, you are the one who will be held responsible for partaking in illegitimate online activities. Setting your password sensibly can help you avoid illegal hacking of your system – it's easy, and it's effective.

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