5 Essential Resources For All Things Blogging

February 27, 2015

10:00 am

One of the many wonderful things about blogging: you don’t need any past experience to succeed. Within two minutes people who have never even used the internet for anything but browsing could successfully set up their own blog. Whether you’re looking to start your blogging career from scratch or you’re already a professional looking to stay up-to-date on the latest WordPress Plugins, tips, and other whereabouts, these are the tutorials you should be on the look out for. These plugins and tools are essential for all things blogging:



Build Your Own Blog breaks the tutorial process down to 7 simple steps providing you with incremental guidance along the entire way. BYOB guarantees that if you can’t get your blog up and running on your own within 15 minutes they’ll help you the the rest of the way. For those of you esteemed bloggers who already have your site up and running, BYOB can also be an excellent resource. Let’s say you’re struggling with writer’s block; they have an idea-generating tool to give you that extra push you need to start the ideas flowing.


Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine was created for web developers and designers, so it’s an essential resource for those of you more programmatically inclined. When it comes to WordPress they’ve got it covered with quality articles about developing clean, smart, and fast websites. What I love best about these posts is how hands-on their WordPress articles are; I never walk away questioning what it is I have to do next.



If you’re looking to optimize your WordPress, look no further than Hongkiat. Their contributors are some of the best bloggers and designers who offer you great inspiration, tips, tricks, and of course tutorials for designers, bloggers, developers, and techies. Their tutorials and articles are written in a way that you don’t have to be a designer or techy to understand. This way, beginners, or those plain old curious viewers, can take part in all of the action.



You can think of Torque as more of a news source for all things WordPress. If you’re just a big fan of WordPress, a WordPress professional, or you’re not even familiar with WP and you’re just trying to learn the ropes. Torque covers all of the topics in-depth. However, they particularly emphasize their expertise in Business, Development, Community, Creation, and of course News.


WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a great source of WordPress reviews for plugins, themes, and services. If you’re looking to improve your WordPress site, or you’re being proactive and learning the tricks to improve your already awesome WordPress site, WP Mayor can help you out. They also have a mighty list of resources regarding everything from hosting to social media, security, and SEO. Their simple setup will guide you through the process whether you’re a beginner and starting with simple drag-and-drop themes, or you’re a real designer or developer looking to get into plugin development for WordPress.

WordPress is currently one of the world’s most popular publishing platforms, estimated to power 17.6% of all websites. While it’s great to stick with what you like you may be pleasantly surprised by checking out what else is out there. WordPress is an innovative tool, however, it’s not necessary to spend time and money reading up on books to improve your skills. Especially not when everything is right at your fingertips with this blogger’s blueprint.

Image credit: Flickr/Pete O'Shea

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