5 Hi-Tech Home Automation Products

June 7, 2016

9:08 pm

The Internet of Things appears to be growing at a rapid rate, with many tech analysts speculating a 15-20% growth in the industry this year, with a rollover north of $80 billion by 2022 in the US alone. While different brands boast cool products that are capable of a multitude of services, home automation is ultimately here to optimize your preferred lifestyle. It will allow time for the things you’d rather be doing than having to account for the mundane, otherwise boring day-to-day tasks.

The world of home automation is only becoming more and more integrated into residential living. So what's the advantage if you invest? It’s designed for your needs and wants. it’s on your terms. Check out a few products that meet your needs below.

Samsung's Sleepsense

Ever fallen asleep watching TV late at night? Do you lose sleep over all the other possible appliances that stay on all night, consuming mass amounts of electricity? Well, have no fear; Samsung’s new product is here.

The Sleepsense accessory connects to Samsung’s SmartThings IoT system. It’s a simple disc that you place under your mattress that monitors your heart rate. So, if you happen to fall asleep while watching TV, it will recognize it by monitoring your heart rate and automatically turn off the lights, TV, and even lower the air-conditioning output.

Keep in mind these settings are customized and easily changeable. It also collates data on what’s called your “sleep score,” which factors in your REM, total sleep time and the number of times you woke up throughout the night. It then analyses your score and offers advice on how to improve and enhance if necessary. No excuses for a bad night sleep moving forward!

WeMo By Belkin

The current climate of home automation is best reserved for the folks sporting a more disposable income. It’s not so much for the average student or low income earner. But if you have a burning desire to enter the automation game, you can readily do so, albeit humbly.

Say hello to the WeMo by Belkin. The Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Insight Switch connects to your household appliances and electronic devices to your Wi-Fi network. This means you can turn devices on or off, orchestrate customized notifications and change the operation statuses of devices – from any location all via your smartphone.

It also monitors the output and energy consumption of your electronics and will update your smartphone or tablet with that information accordingly. A product feature that is perfect for household appliances like heaters, A/C units, washing machines, TV’s, dryers, lights, fans and any other high energy volume devices. If you want to get started in Home Automation but don’t have the budget for a full blown transformation, then the WeMo is the perfect product to get you started.

The Dojo

The internet is unfortunately home to a lot of nasty people and a lot of nasty things. As Home Automation is fundamentally integrated and connected to your household items though our WiFi, it’s also vulnerable to the vast dubiousness the internet is home to. This means that, just like people hack websites, they are also capable of hacking into the homes of people with automation configurations. There is yet to be a dedicated security device to cater to exterior threats in this field, until now.

Say hello to the Dojo. This new innovation connects to your home automation network and serves as a virtual watchdog, vigilantly scanning internet activity on all of your automated devices. Whether it's the locks on your windows, the surveillance cameras or even the thermostat, this device keeps track of all activity. Further than just monitoring for known threats, it also keeps an eye on the usage of your connected devices, continually checking there are no deviances or unwarranted usage anomalies that could in fact be security threats.

In a nutshell, the Dojo is on the lookout for any strange or unexplained device behavior, flagging accordingly if something arises by sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet, allowing time to act and/or rectify. It's a pebble shaped device that is extremely portable is charged wirelessly when in close proximity to its dock. It pairs with a smartphone app to deliver relative notifications and alerts and even glows in a pulsating fashion when an issue needs addressing. If you are looking to or happen to already sport a home automation setup, then definitely get your hands on one of these. It even boasts a chat interface with colloquial language to communicate with you. 


Say hello to Riley, the guard robot. While this product isn’t definitively home automation, it is controlled through WiFi via smartphone or tablet for IOS or Android. This little guy is there to protect your house. Having home surveillance can ease your mind in knowing your residence or property is protected and/or monitored. However, where security cameras fall short is that they’re conventionally anchored to a particular spot.

This is where Riley the robot comes into play. A small mobile machine, resembling a small version of pixar robot ‘Wall-E”, has a face that is a camera, and a body of small tank. From any location, you can tilt Riley’s camera up to 120 degrees for it to capture 5HD megapixel footage, even boasting night vision, delivering a live stream straight back to your mobile device from any location, as long as you’re connected to WiFi. If you even wanted to engage in conversation with say burglars or tell the dog to stop barking, Riley is equipped with a mic to let you communicate audibly.

It’s a versatile machine, and is there to suit your mood, worries or desires. It can even sit immobile and act as a motion sensor and if it detects movement, alert you accordingly to your personal device. It sports impressive treads to allow it to traverse up inclines and over bumps and objects with little challenge. If it falls over, it can even pick itself back up again. You can control little Riley from anywhere in the world and if he starts to lose power, direct him within a meter of his docking station and he’ll start boosting his 2600mAh battery straight back-up.

Starry Station

WiFi is pretty common nowadays. In some situations, it is arguably more important than breathing. However, it’s never short of functionality issues, often not working and operating infrequently or at a slow capacity. When this happens, it’s often a herculean task to try find the source of the issue.

This is where the Starry WiFi Station comes in. It provides you with answers at a mere glance on the status of your internet. It shows you how many devices are plugged in and consuming data, through small dots on an illuminated LED screen. Blue dots are good to go, with those devices running smoothly, and red dots highlight issues. Starry WiFi also conducts analysis on the speed of your internet to inform you on the operational capacity your connection is delivering – or better yet, whether you’re getting the speed you’re meant to be paying for.

Through the smartphone app, you can also implement network rules, for example if you didn’t want kids using their phones late at night, you can disconnect their devices at a said time. This device is the perfect visual representation of WiFi available on the market, and let’s you automate settings for the household internet.


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