5 Strategies to Boost Your Conversion Rate

In the online marketing world, retargeting strategies can provide your company with a second chance to make the right impression on consumers. They are designed to readdress potential customers and to remind them of the products and services your company offers in an effort to turn interest into a sale.

The point is, this can boost your overall conversion rate and can help you stay competitive both in the brick-and-mortar marketplace and in your online enterprises. Here are five key retargeting strategies that can revolutionize your internet marketing campaigns.

Integrate with Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other major social media sites offer a wide range of advertising strategies for business managers interested in re-marketing visitors to their websites. Incorporating these venues into your overall marketing plan can help you capture the attention of potential customers in the online places they most frequently gather.

Furthermore, expanding your company’s advertising efforts in the social media environment can deliver solid results for both physical and digital businesses. 

Fine-Tune Your Ad Strategy

Dynamic retargeting is a relatively new concept in the online marketing industry and only discussed in very few online retargeting courses. Simply put, this strategy allows you to keep your products and services fresh in the minds of consumers who have visited your websites in the past.

By popping up ads that relate directly to the items they viewed or the services they researched, your company can increase sales and conversion rates among consumers who have already shown interest in the products and services you offer.

Consider Discounts to Increase Sales

In some cases, potential customers may be swayed by reduced prices on the items they have viewed on your website. By offering a percentage discount on products and services you know are of interest to these consumers, you can sometimes achieve an improved conversion rate on impulse buys and major purchases alike.

Use this tactic with caution, however. Offering large discounts can cut into your overall profitability and may create expectations among consumers that can actually undercut your initial conversion rate for future transactions.

Email Your Potential Clientele

Encouraging visitors to your site to create an account and to provide you with an email address can provide your company with a convenient way to reach these potential customers and to remind them of the products and services your company has to offer.

These communications can be as simple as a reminder that items are still in the online shopping cart. Avoid overwhelming consumers with too many emails, however; this can sometimes lead to the dreaded unsubscribe notice and the loss of sales in the future.

Promote Related Products

Rather than presenting the same products in every retargeting ad, offer an array of related items for your target audience. This can sometimes inspire a second look at your website and an improved chance of converting visits to sales. Additionally, this can reduce visual fatigue for consumers who may become jaded when presented with the same product strategies over and over. Changing the items that you present to potential customers can create increased interest in your entire lineup of products and services.

You should also take into consideration that a lot more people are on their mobile devices, so you might want to retarget them with something specific short and quick to grab their attention. By fine-tuning your advertising to ensure maximum engagement among consumers, you can achieve a higher conversion rate and increased profitability in the competitive marketplace.

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