5 Tech Innovations That Will Improve Your Business

October 29, 2015

11:00 am

As technology continues to develop all over the world, it will allow for many new enhancements to the world's infrastructure. Several of these developments will make doing business easier on both a local and a global level. Five of the more notable business innovations in technology are discussed below.

Airport Quick Pass

In 2015, it will be possible to pass through airport security in a matter of seconds instead of having to wait in line for hours. There are now many pre-screening systems being employed in several of the major airports across the country. These new services use iris scanners and fingerprint readers to speed up the process. Pretty soon, most of the airports all over the world will have these features in place, making air travel a much more efficient way of moving around without having to lose so much time waiting in line at security checkpoints.

Robotic Telepresence

Roving telepresence robots were developed in 2013 and were a novelty that could be found occasionally in a few places. However, in 2015 they are now fully functional and the majority of their problematic issues have been eliminated. As a result, this fascinating technology is now ready to advance to a more popular level as more corporations begin to utilize the numerous advantages that it has to offer.

It is also important to note that these robots will not only start showing up at more corporate meetings, they will also start being deployed in more remote locations in order to expand customer service and extend the reach of certain professionals (such as doctors and psychiatrists) so that they can better serve patients in more rural locations. In addition, as this technology becomes more integrated with the current infrastructure, it will be employed in numerous ways that have not even been considered yet.

Digital Signatures

Although digital signatures have been around for many years, they have been plagued with many problems. Now that technology has become more stable and centralized, there are many companies that are now offering better digital signatures and providing their clientele with an improved product capable of greater authentication abilities as well as an increased level of trustworthiness. Some of the new features of these signatures are improved abilities to provide analytics that support a company's business processes as well as its customer services.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication has been used for several years now in several venues. However, due to even greater advances with this technology, it is now being employed by a much larger percentage of all firms doing business globally. Due to major security breaches and greater threats of hacking and cybercrime, it has now become absolutely vital that individuals be able to prove that they are who they say they are. Because of these developments, biometric authenticity will no longer be a novelty to be marveled at; it will be a crucial aspect of any organization doing business in cyberspace.

Improved Cloud Computing

Although many have been reluctant to incorporate cloud computing, it is now quickly becoming more popular all over the world. Almost every type of online business from financial professionals to invoicing services will be able to benefit from the increased levels of performance and reliability that is possible once this constantly improving technology is integrated into their systems. The fact that a corporation can increase the availability of their information delivery means that they can now provide far greater control and transparency to their clientele.


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