5 Time Management Tools to Tame Distractions

February 19, 2015

12:38 pm

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We’re no stranger to daily distractions and frequent interruptions that constantly make us feel pulled in different directions. While it’s difficult to take out those interruptions, it’s much easier to control how much time you spend on interruptions, and analyze the time you have to spend on your own thoughts, conversations, and actions.

Not only do individuals need to organize their time, but most businesses also need to keep track of their employees' time. For them, there are two main sources of value in the work world, time and knowledge. Time being the superior of the two, as time equals money. There are an abundance of time- tracking products out there to your hearts content, both for personal and business use.

Typically, I may be old-fashioned when it comes to my favorite tools to keep track of my time management. They consist of just a pen and paper. But, we are in the age of apps and online tools, where most people are seeking something more fancy and advanced. We cannot deny the benefits that technology has brought us and we all make use of the variety of tools that make life more comfortable.

With so many tools to choose from, how do you know the right ones to use? I have combined my personal top tools below to help you with the most basic time management challenges:

1.Online Timer

If you're playing the association game, a clock or a timer go together with time management, and a great tool that can help you focus on goal setting is this countdown timer for your desktop. If your aim is to work for 30 minutes on a project, this tool will give you a virtual ‘nudge’ when the time is up and when you have hit your goals. It runs in the background on your computer and lets you track your every minute.





It’s easy to get scattered all over the place because of daily interferences, and this app comes to the rescue to help you understand your daily habits and focus on being more productive. Rescuetime will notify you with weekly reports, showing you what's occupying all your time. The app provides the shock factor when you discover how much time is actually going to waste. The point is to heighten your awareness of how you’re are spending your workday and on what tasks. Once you know, it is easier to snap out of a banal task and focus on more important ones.



What was I meant to be doing… right, writing this article! Fortunately, this cool app understands our weakness when it comes to concentrating 100 percent of the time during a long workday. It combines neuroscience and music to make things better and improve productivity. It is ideal for those who find it challenging to concentrate when studying, working or reading. The company claims to help productivity by picking up your limbic system at set intervals in the music that keeps you from daydreaming instead of working. You can choose between different music categories like classical or cinematic. Who would have thought that music could help manage our time as it’s thought to be one of those known distractions?!


4.Universal Password Manager

A huge time waster is when you forget your passwords and frantically search for them. This app keeps all your passwords stored in one encrypted database, protected by one password. This saves time and increases security since you can use many passwords with this app.


5.My Life Organized

MLO is a personalized task platform outliner and to-do list manager which helps to organize your goals, tasks and projects in one place. This task management tool helps you to target what you should be focusing on to reach your goals. It generates automatic to-do lists that require your attention so that you keep focused on the most important tasks at hand. It’s perfect for getting the job done methodically.



How many tools or apps are you currently using to optimize your time? Sharing is caring!


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