5 Tips to Boost Your YouTube Marketing

June 8, 2017

8:30 am

In 2010, there were five YouTube accounts with more than one million subscribers. In 2016, there were more than 2000. Suffice to say, the market is quite saturated. But that doesn’t mean that your YouTube brand has no chance of success. Although you may not break the one million mark of ultra successful YouTube channels, your account can still gain significant follower traction with the right marketing plan that fits the YouTube platform.


Developing your YouTube brand requires planning, research and dedication to your channel. Nothing short of a whole-hearted effort is going to get your channel noticed in the crowd, which means you need to take advantage of every tip and trick available to you in order to make your voice heard. Here are five to turbocharge your YouTube marketing program.

Figure Out What Content You Want to Produce

When you’re developing your YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is develop a clear idea of what you want your channel to do. Is it going to be an informative channel, in which you present news and information? Will it be an entertainment channel, in which you provide fun content? Will it be a channel for product reviews, or a chance to showcase customer opinions? Do you have plans to develop a YouTube personality or star to lead your channel, or will the focus be on the information or content you present?

Identifying what exactly you want your channel to provide is key to moving forward with your channel and attracting an audience. You need to develop your identity and then make it clear in your branding and presentation what it is your channel is for.

Investigate the Competition in Your Market

Once you know what content you want to produce, you must begin to research what other YouTubers in that field are doing. Look at the information they’re presenting, how they’re presenting it and how audiences are responding to it.

One of the top pieces of advice on Franklin’s website regarding YouTube marketing is to look what the five most popular content producers in your particular field have in common. Where do they differ? By identifying what it is people are responding to most enthusiastically, you can replicate it in your own content, while figuring out what personalities or niches are already being represented.

Develop a Regular Production Schedule

Once you’re ready to get your channel started, be sure to develop a production schedule for producing new videos and stick to it. Providing fresh content for your followers is key to maintaining their interest as well as developing follower growth.

By developing a regular pattern for uploading, you can increase the amount of viewers who will watch your videos consistently (since they know when to expect them) as well as provide continuous opportunities for attracting new watchers to subscribe. If you show YouTube viewers that you are capable of producing regular content on an interesting basis, they will subscribe more readily than if you appear to post erratically or infrequently.

Make Your Content Accessible

An often underutilized but wildly popular feature that YouTube has is the ability to insert your own transcript or captions for videos you upload. Not only does this make it easier for the average viewer to follow along, it makes you one of a handful of YouTube brands whose videos are accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing, which will make your content stand out.

This can help boost your subscriber count significantly. Not only is adding captions beneficial to the deaf, it can also aid anyone who can’t turn their volume up or listen to your video for any reason, making your content easier to access and increasing the chances that someone will give your video a shot.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Although developing your own brand message is critical to creating your YouTube channel identity, collaboration can be an effective method of growing your brand once your reputation is established. By reaching out to other content producers and making collaborative content with them, you both get to access two different audiences and effectively double the number of eyes that see your brand and content. This lets you increase your follower count organically without necessarily developing a massive ad campaign or push for subscriber growth.

By developing a smart YouTube strategy, including doing research on other content makers and developing your own unique and consistent voice, you can develop a loyal audience who knows what to expect of you and when. Your channel can become a successful branch of your company’s social media presence and an organic tool to increase your customer base.

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