5 Ways to Improve Customer Relations Through Communication

Today’s consumer is looking for more than just a product to buy or service to use. Consumers today also want an improved customer experience, which can only be achieved through better communication between the consumer and the company. Social media has paved the way for enhanced communication, but not everyone wants to carry on a conversation through Facebook posts and Twitter updates. For one-on-one communication, there are plenty of other tools that are more conducive to creating better customer relations.

Take the time to examine some of the tools and methods described below to improve customer relations, and see which ones might work best for you. Remember, it is always crucial to communicate respectfully and intelligently with your customers, because they will communicate with others as well. The lines of communication are more open than ever, and consumers love to leave bad reviews more often than they will leave good ones – one bad word can spread easily to thousands of what could have been more potential customers.

1. Make Sure Your Web Page is Informative

Today’s consumer discovers more about the products and services they want and the companies they are interested by browsing websites. If your website is lacking functionality in terms of easy-to-find important information, then consumers will quickly grow frustrated and leave your site in search of another (possibly a competitor).

Make sure it is clear on your site exactly what it is you do and what you can offer. If your site contains products or services for sale, make sure all the features and details are listed. And most important of all, make sure that contact information is easy to find. Consumers don’t want to have to search through multiple pages to try and find a phone number or email address.

It might also help for you to create a FAQ page as a resource for consumers, with answers to several common questions that they might ask – such as return policy info, warranty information, shipping and handling policies, or any other pertinent information related to your business. Making things as transparent as possible can contribute greatly to improve customer relations.

2. Send Personalized Emails

Consumers like to feel as if they are appreciated by the company they choose to do business with. More likely than not, a consumer will have registered their email with companies they frequent or may be interested in so as to receive messages about upcoming sales and promotions or other company related information. With their email on your list, you can improve customer relations by sending them personalized emails. This can be anything from a special promotion for them based on their previous purchases, a birthday reward discount, or a customer loyalty reward after they have made a certain number of purchases.

3. Use Web Conference Tools

Successful web conference services enable you to reach the customer in new and innovative ways. From speaking with single customers to explain product benefits or to provide online instruction, to holding seminars or conferences discussing new ideas, products, or other company related information that consumers might find interesting – there are many ways through which Web conference services can be used to improve customer relations.

4. Social Networking

While not everyone is on social media often enough (or even at all), that doesn’t mean you should forsake it entirely. In fact, most businesses that have embraced social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others have experienced great success in increasing their customer base and sales. While not every platform might be ideal for your company, you should find one that is and spend ample time on it engaging with your followers. You should post often, be interesting, as well informative – by doing so, you’ll continue to attract new followers, increase brand recognition, and improve customer relations.

5. Get Customers Involved

By giving your customers the chance to engage your company, you increase your brand recognition. Provide call-to-actions in email messages, ask questions and encourage responses on social media, and ask for reviews and feedback on your website. Feedback and engagement are contagious—when one consumer sees that several others have responded, they will be more inclined to do so themselves, and subsequently others will follow. Be sure to listen to reviews and feedback in a constructive manner, so that you can learn how you can improve customer relations. It also helps to respond to questions and reviews in a timely manner, so that customers can see that you value their opinion and also care about whatever issues they may have and are willing to try to solve them in a positive manner.

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