5 Ways that Web Design is About More Than Just Web Design

September 21, 2015

10:00 pm

Is web design dead, or we are just looking at it the wrong way? There may be important reasons to think that web design is at the brink of death. However, web design will never die as long as there is one person who wants to experience a website-based experience. Why is web design more needed than ever, and what makes our needs different now? Read on:

User experience (UX) is crucial

Indeed, the industry is shifting to experience design. Because of the existence of pre-made templates, the main approach to designing a website is the object-oriented design. Designers can only do so much to make the template as lean, impactful and inclusive as possible. By nature, however, designing for UX is a tailor-fit pursuit. To truly provide your users the great experience that they deserve, web design must consider how these users will interact with the site at all levels.

Conversion is the focal point

A website is just a dot in the digital presence landscape of any brand although it could be the biggest dot. Nevertheless, websites must be regarded as an indispensable part and a front-runner of the overall marketing strategy. In fact, the majority of a brand’s promotional tactics point to the website (the main landing page). Thus, a site’s design should echo the value proposition conveyed using the same brand voice, tone and language. For designers and developers, the industry lingo is design-to-convert wherein every element must work in sync with one another to form a cohesive experience.

Mobile is key

More and more users are browsing through their mobile devices. Nowadays, having a mobile-unfriendly website is a sin; migration to mobile is that critical. Mobile UX must be prioritized since it is based on how the site is behaving when viewed on a mobile device, mitigating design issues encountered when designing for both desktop and mobile screens in the process. Other than responsiveness, web designs that take into consideration the mobile web design forms part of a supposedly great mobile content strategy.

Design is about what users cannot see

No one developer or even marketer should look at design as a purely aesthetic endeavor for reasons outlined above. In addition, every little thing that directly and indirectly impacts the performance of the website is designed. These are accessibility, speed, efficiency and interaction, among others. These are the precedents on a great UX that eventually draws the users to like, comment, share, subscribe, purchase, etc. (conversion points). While your users won’t necessarily point it out to you, they would be thankful that your website loads fast so they may find the information they need at the time they need it the most.

True enough, web design is no longer about the aesthetics. It already moved beyond that to include branding, conversion, interaction and accessibility. All the more so, there is just one goal – UX – and this is true for multiple displays. On this note, while some experts would like to believe that web design is dead, web design will be called by other names and evolved into other forms (i.e. experience design). However, the foundation of web design will stay useful and relevant for the years to come.

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