5 YouTube Hacks to Get More Views and Subscribers

For a number of years now, YouTube has been the dominant online media website, garnering hundreds of millions of views a day. Getting people to watch your YouTube videos however, is a whole different story entirely. Due to YouTube’s popularity, making your videos stand out is tougher than ever. Because of this, people often look for various methods of obtaining cheap YouTube views, because not everybody has the budget of multi-million dollar companies or corporations. If you’re looking to increase your YouTube views, take a look at the following 5 simple ways of getting more views on YouTube.


In terms of easy YouTube views, annotations are by far some of the most effective methods of getting more people to watch your videos. If you’re wondering what YouTube annotations are, they’re basically those text boxes which appear during videos, with messages such as “Subscribe” or “Like our page”, or “click for part 2” etc. The reason why they’re so effective is that they allow you to easily link from one video to the next, as well as to playlists, your channel, and much more. If you have more content, YouTube annotations are fantastic ways of directing viewers to your other content, which in turn will help to increase views across your entire channel, and hopefully increase your number of subscribers in the process.

Create Playlists

Another very simple and effective way of increasing your YouTube views is to create playlists. Basically, think of a playlist as a group or list of videos, relevant to the niche of your playlist. For example, you may wish to create a “gym motivation” playlist, in which you will upload a number of different videos all based upon providing motivation for the gym and keeping fit.

A Playlist’s biggest strength lies in its ability to immediately play the next video in your list, which translates into more viewers that are likely to stick around when the next video begins playing automatically.

Prioritize Subscribers

One of the most effective things you can do to increase your views is to gain more subscribers. Subscribers are your entire fan base, and they’ve subscribed to you for a reason, usually because they like what you post. As they’re fans of yours, this means they want to see what you post, so as soon as you post something, the majority of your subscribers will watch it right away, without you needing to do anything more. Naturally then, the more subscribers you have, the more potential YouTube views you will have as a result. To gain more subscribers, make sure your content is worthwhile, use annotations encouraging users to “click here to subscribe” and better still, if you’re blogging or speaking directly in your videos, ask your viewers to spare a second or two and to subscribe to your channel or to share your channel with their friends.

Use Bulletins

Communicating with your fans and keeping subscribers updated is very important, especially as your number of subscribers grows. Use bulletins to accomplish this. YouTube bulletins are a relatively new feature which will allow you to send out news, notifications, and alerts to your subscribers. These bulletins then appear on your subscriber’s home pages, so if you do post a new video, make sure to send a bulletin to let your fans know. Go ahead and promote yourself, and you’ll be amazed by just what a difference it can make.

Boost Your Social Proof

Social proof, also known as the “monkey see, monkey do effect”, can be a powerful tool to grow your YouTube channel and attract more views than YouTube can count. The simple effect of having a popular video and channel can pull people into watching your videos, subscribing to your channel, sharing your video with their friends or even embedding your video on their blog – all because you’re already popular and have a solid reputation.

While this is usually the reward users get after months or years of hard work – there is a shortcut. Simply put, you can buy social proof for your YouTube views and channel by purchasing views, likes, comments and even subscribers from companies like Devumi. While the views you buy won’t typically lead to ad revenue or sales, it’s been proven to attract more targeted and relevant viewers and even increase conversion rates (e.g., subscribers, clicks and sales) through the effects of social proof.

Using these 5 techniques can substantially grow your YouTube channel and help you get more YouTube views than you could have even imagined. Using these growth hacks have enabled some of the most successful YouTubers to explode their growth and realize their potential – you’d be wise to do the same!

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