5 Yule Log Videos for This Holiday Season

As the temperatures begin to drop and we move deeper into the holiday season, you might want to swap the cool glow of your mobile device for the warm glow of a fireplace or a yule log. What’s a yule log? According to Wikipedia:

“The Yule Log, Yule Clog, or Christmas Block is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth around the period of Christmas in the Anglosphere. The origin of the folk custom is unclear.”

Lack of a fireplace can be problematic, but the Internet has a solution for everything. Thanks to some creative content producers, you can now add the warm glow of a yule log to your second screen – like your tablet or smart television. Here are five yule log videos that might help get you through this holiday season. So pour yourself a tall glass of eggnog, turn up the heater and play these yule log videos for hours, embracing this folk custom of unclear origin.

Nick Offerman Yule Log

What could be better than watching Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson on the NBC series Parks & Recreation, silently sip on some whiskey to the crackle of the yule log.  The 45-minute video may give you some time to read Offerman’s book. This could be this year’s yule log winner.

Lil BUB’s Magical Yule Log

If you prefer cute and cuddly, then you’ll want to check out Internet famous cat, Lil BUB as he offers a slightly different yule log experience. Side note: I had the privilege of meeting Lil BUB in the green room at a conference we were both part of. Sweet chap!

Johnny Cash Yule Log

He fell into a burning ring of fire, which makes the deep bellow of Johnny Cash coupled with the crackling yule log seem all the more appropriate.


Science Yule Log by Spangler Effect

Remember the viral video that created a geyser when Mentos were combined with Diet Coke? That video was done by Steve Spangler, a celebrity teacher, science toy designer, speaker, author and an Emmy award-winning television personality. He’s taken a crack at entertaining us with his take on the classic Yule Log video.


Classic Yule Log

If you’re looking for a more traditional yule log experience – then look no further than this classic yule log video.


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