6 Apps Entrepreneurs Never Knew They Needed

Entrepreneurs are always on the go. The most powerful tool you have is your smartphone: The apps available can make your day easier and provide you with the inspiration needed to make a successful business. And not just by helping you during your nine to five. These are the top six apps that entrepreneurs can benefit the most from throughout all aspects of their lives.


Well-being and health have become a huge part of what it means to be an entrepreneur. With great health, you can be more productive and more efficient. Happiness is the app that will help you to improve your happiness. Enter how you feel every day and over a long period you’ll be able to analyze this data and find out where you can make changes.

The key to happiness is focusing on it, and with this app, you can do that by putting aside just a few minutes every single day.


Paralign is an app that allows you to share your thoughts anonymously. Sometimes entrepreneurs need extra support and they can’t obtain it from their inner circles. Paralign provides you with an online community where you can get support and advice from like-minded people.

The app is available 24/7 and lets you check in on the go. It can provide you with the emotional support you need to get through the most difficult periods in your entrepreneurial career.


Do you ever get those great ideas at the most inconvenient times?

Napkin is an app that will help you to record those ideas and organize them into your business plans. It uses a logical setup to help you capture those moments of inspiration wherever you happen to be. The business planning aspect of this app will help you to organize your thoughts and break down the important pieces of an action plan.


It’s sometimes difficult to track your health when you’re in the middle of a big project. Entrepreneurs need to be healthy if they’re going to get the most out of themselves.

Gyroscope tracks everything from the number of steps you’ve taken in a day to the amount of sleep you’ve had. Over time you’ll be able to examine this data and create a health and fitness plan that enhances your life. You’ll be able to live a more balanced lifestyle with this app.


Entrepreneurs love lists. It’s an easy way to make sure that you’re ready for the day ahead. This app will allow you to discover richly formatted lists on everything from travel recommendations to book publishing. You’ll be able to add your own lists and get inspiration from others.

This app could change your whole day.

The Name App

Coming up with a marketable name for your next big idea can be the bane of your existence. Not only do you need a marketable name, you need all the domain names and social media profiles that come with it. This simple app will instantly scan Twitter, Facebook, and major domain hosts to find out whether your name is available.

It’s an app that will help you to cut down on the amount of time you spend researching names for your next product or service.

Which one of these apps do you think will be the most useful?

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