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6 Apps Entrepreneurs Never Knew They Needed

Entrepreneurs are always on the go. The most powerful tool you have is your smartphone: The apps available can make your day easier and provide you with the inspiration needed to make a successful business. And not just by helping you during your nine...


Is Pokémon Go A Serious Security Threat?

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s been a long time since an app has sent the whole world into a mobile gaming craze. Despite it not even being officially released in a number of countries, there are already millions of people...


How to Flawlessly Plan and Execute a Rebrand

They say that 20% of customers will deliver 80% of your business. Branding is crucial for any business of any size in any industry. However, if your business isn’t going in the direction you want it you might feel as if it’s time to make a change. Rebranding is a ...


Are Freelance Web Designers a Dying Breed?

Freelance web designers do still exist. Some take work on the side and work for a development company. There is no better way to have complete customization than by hiring a freelance web designer. When considering candidates, view the available portfolio samples and customer...


Offbeat Tools for Improving Online Communication

We’ve come a long way from Microsoft Outlook and AOL messenger, and an even longer way from chatting with friends on IRC. With the birth of social networking and the technological communications race that followed, our options for online communication have never been more...


Is Video Marketing the New King of Content?

Content is king for marketers; however, while content is king it isn’t the only part of the equation – the type of content matters. Video content and video marketing seems to have reigned supreme. More and more companies are now putting all their efforts...