6 Companies to Pay Attention to in 2016

December 4, 2015

9:00 pm

As 2015 winds down, venture capitalists and investors look ahead to see who will spearhead innovation in 2016.  No doubt, 2015 was an exciting year with tech companies like Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Bumble, and Lyft making waves in their industries and disrupting the market place.  2016 is going to be an exciting year of innovation in transportation, information gathering, data management, and social networking.

Companies are responding to an increased desire of simplification, facilitation, and management across a wide range of activities including networking, chatting, developing, and working.  Among the rising tech companies, here are  six that will blow up in 2016:


With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and dozens of other social networks flooding our computers and phones, digital communication and online networking has become a pillar of our society. How to make the best use of these networks, however, is less known.  Insightfully, founded by CEO Chirag Kulkarni, Ajay Saini, and Jingyu Li in Boston, Massachusetts, is artificial intelligence that consistently looks through your social feeds for ways you can help and get helped by others.  It is similar to a 24/7 employee managing your network.  By looking through social data, Insightfully matches need with opportunity, which leads to more revenue and business for its users.  With Insightfully, users are able to build a robust network (and increase revenue,) find relevant people in your network, and engage across social networks.  The bottom line is that your network is your net-worth.  Turning your existing social network from an archive of contacts into meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships can add lots of value to your business.


ThirdEye is here to prove that the future isn't so far away.  Founded by CEO Rajat Bhageria, ThirdEye empowers the visually impaired by telling them what's in front of them.  Working with Penn Medicine, Blackstone, and other health care organization, ThirdEye is looking to make big changes in the health care industry in 2016.  How it works is astonishing.  A user wearing the ThirdEye glasses holds an object in front of him, and the computer-programmed glasses verbally inform the user of the object that he is holding.


In 2016 Wiselike will become a go-to platform for information gathering, and Q&A.  The platforms organizes clusters of people based on skill set and interest, and enables users to have questions asked and answered quickly and accurately.    Along with conferences like Next Gen Summit, WiseLike is innovating the way that information is gathered and displayed.


Topiku – the world's most sustainable snapback hat, provides snapback hats handcrafted from 100%up-cycled and recycled materials in Indonesia.  Starting with five-panel snapback hats and organic bamboo cotton pocket tees, each product is hand-made by artisans which help to maintain a community in Indonesia.  Founded by CEO Anthony Zhang in Los Angeles, California, Topiku is quickly becoming the a fun way to obtain cool gear while helping out a good cause.

Deep Blue Dev

Creating applications, landing pages, and mobile optimization is becoming easier than ever. CEO Luis Lam created Deep Blue Dev as a way to facilitate and expedite development for individuals and companies.  From Search Engine Optimization, to Custom CRM solutions, Deep Blue Dev helps you get the most out of your business's online profile.


Flashback provides a new way to share data.  Using the iOS app, users can take a picture, video, or text, and send that data to a user at a future date.  If you take some great photos of your boss at New Years and want to send it to him the following Wednesday at work, Flashback let's you do that right in the moment.  Founded by CEO Michael Newfield, Flashback has recently closed a seed round from the University of Massachusetts Innovation Challenge.

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