7 Kids Apps That Will Nurture Well-Rounded Adults

February 12, 2015

6:30 pm

As any modern parent you are concerned about your child’s development. I believe all children are born creative and talented and as a parent, our primary role is to encourage their efforts and educate them in a fun and creative way. Here are seven amazing apps you should use if you’d like your kids to become well-rounded, successful adults!

1. Toddler Puzzle Woozzle

Puzzle Woozzle


A gorgeously designed educational app that already gotten numerous accolades and been rated as a top 10 educational app for kids on the App Store.  Toddler Puzzle Woozzle is aimed on developing child’s cognitive, memory, and language skills with a series of jigsaw puzzles. The child is rewarded with cute praises after solving the problem (currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese), soothing background tunes and voice encouragements to finish the puzzle faster. An excellent app to keep your child productively distracted! And did I mention it costs nothing?


2. BrainPOP Featured Movie



This nifty app enables your kids to explore hundreds of sciences from Health subjects to basics of Engineering in a fun interactive way. Each day the app suggests a new short movie and an interactive quiz afterwards to test what your kid has learned. It’s bright, simple to use, and develops numerous skills at a time – from memory to overall comprehension and analytical skills. Available for numerous Apple and Android devices for free with a paid subscription if you’d like to watch more videos daily.


3. Pet Bingo



A lovely app encouraging your little one to learn the basics of Math while growing his adorable pet. The game is appropriate for Kindergarten through the Fourth Grade and was developed in conjunction with Stanford University professor, Jennifer DiBrienza, according to Common Core State Standards. Your kid starts with learning essential concepts like addition and subtraction and gradually progress to basic geometry. What makes this app even greater is that parents can track the learning process at the easy-to-use Report Card section.  Pet Bingo costs just $1.99 at the App Store and Play Market making it a terrific value-for-money deal!


4. My First Classical Music App



Introduce your child to the marvelous world of music and inculcate their good taste and who knows, maybe you will raise the next Mozart? The app navigation is fantastically well-thought-out and lets your kid explore the sounds of numerous musical instruments and tap words and pictures to hear the texts narrated. Introduce them to the greatest composers of all time and watch dozens of amazing animations based on world-class compositions like the Magic Flute or Stravinsky’s Petrushka. Available for numerous Android and iOS devices for $4.99.


5. My Incredible Body



Unless you are a doctor, you’d probably fail to answer all the questions your child may have about the human body. This app is truly incredible as it allows your kid to peek inside and see how various organs function, why and how our heart beats and how oxygen gets to our brains. Impressive graphical design, numerous zoom options and detailed comprehensive explanations makes this app a fascinating way to learn anatomy with your child. Currently, Android-only.


6. Bord



A wonderful app for toddlers and younger kids which you can use for drawing with natural-looking chalks. Create various shapes, learn to write letters and numbers, or simply draw funny animals and doodles together. This app is super-simple to use and even allows ten finger drawing! Available both for iOS and Android devices for 1.99$.


7. Shake-a-Phrase



A funny lil’ app to squeeze out loads of giggles and learn more about words and language at the same time! Shake your phone to mix some really weird sentences and discover new words. Have no idea what that means? Just tap to know the definition.  Gauge your kid’s grammar skills by taking verb, adjective, and general rules tests, earning rewards and scoring new levels. Available for Iphone and Android for just 1.99$.

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