7 Must-Have Tools to Become an Effective Content Writer

October 19, 2014

10:00 am

Writing is an activity that demands a lot of time, effort, and ideas. Every writer has their own shortcomings when it comes to content composition. One of the reasons they fail to meet their deadlines is because they get stuck in creative ruts. Being in such state is what most authors trying to avoid.

Whether you’re writing for the web, crafting an article, or authoring a book, you'll surely experience difficult times in writing. In order to overcome all those struggles, you need some tools that will get your creativity out on paper. The right time-saving tools can boost your effectiveness as a writer.

The following selection of websites, tools, and apps will make you more productive and will also give you an edge in writing great contents.


For content writers who have problems in managing their daily tasks, is the on-the-go to do list. This tool is perfect for keeping up with your busy schedule and focusing on the tasks that really matter. It has an interesting feature called moment, which provides a quick and fun overview of your workday.

2. RescueTime

Many writers knew how useful this tool is. RescueTime allows you to keep track your time when writing on your computer and it also tells you if you've spent your working hours very well. With the use of RescueTime, you will learn to be more accountable on your time and tasks.

3. Thesaurus

All writers need a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus to broaden their vocabulary. If you cannot think of the exact word or phrase to write on your post, Thesaurus will help you with it. This tool doesn't only provide tons of words and meanings but it also gives history and origin of the word and sample sentences. In the website, you can also find dictionary, list of quotes, references, etc..

4. Imagination Prompt

Creativity Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator is a writer’s block buster. Its random generated prompts and topic ideas will definitely inspire you to write. All you have to do is click the button and it will offer you partial phrases or questions that could be the basis of your next article or post.

5. Bestessays

Aside from writing, another tough part of being a writer is editing your own work. Editing is hard to do just like composing your content. If you cannot edit your articles by yourself asking for a professional editor is not a bad idea. This writing service will help you in polishing your content. They have incredibly good editors who can assist you in cleaning out all the imperfections of your paper or posts.

6. Write Or Die

Write or Die is an interesting program that keeps you focused in writing. This free online application will help every content writer combat procrastination and writer's block. This tool is designed to motivate you when you feel and think that nothing else works.

Once you stop typing in the text box more than a few seconds, you will experience consequences such as gentle pop-up reminder to keep writing, an unpleasant sound that persists until you continue typing, and the self-erasing text.

7. Factbrowser

This research discovery engine is what every writer needs. For finding statistics and trends, Factbrowser will save you from spending pointless hours searching and lurking on the web. This site has studies, surveys, reports, stats, and other types of facts that you can use to make your content better and informative.

Using the best tools for content writing will never caught you off guard again. These online resources don't only make your writing journey easier but it also enables you to become a good steward of time. With the help of these tools and websites, you can now produce more high quality and interesting contents for your readers.

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