7 Online Life Hacks to Help You Master 2017

Isn’t it super frustrating when you have to do an hour of research to find what you’re looking for on the internet? Ever procrastinate doing things that you know will take a large chunk of your time? Luckily, many intelligent individuals have done the work for you so you can now take care of those tasks in just a few minutes.

Here are 7 online life hacks that take care of many of life’s little issues:

1. Google Chrome Extension TLDR

“Too long; didn’t read,” or TLDR, is an extension that you can add to your Google Chrome browser that has a summary, alongside the short, medium, long, and original version of articles. This allows you to get all of the important points from the article without reading the entire thing!

The short version is about 25 percent of the original article, while the medium version is about 50 percent and the long is about 75 percent.

2. Watch Online Guide

The Watch Online Guide is an online platform that allows you to search up any movie or tv show and then leads you to the best sites online where you can watch it. Now you don’t have to go to each entertainment provider and do manual searches to see it they have the thing you want to watch. You might come across a new provider that you really like and would want to stick with as well.

3. Unroll

If you hate seeing your email inbox full because of subscription emails, then this is the hack for you. It lets you see a list of all of your subscription emails instantly and helps you unsubscribe to the ones you don’t want. Plus, Unroll is free!

4. Google Translate

When you proofread anything you write, it can take forever because you might need to reread the same sentence to see if it really sounds wrong or if your brain is just not comprehending what you just wrote. Sadly, spending a large amount of time doesn’t even guarantee that you will catch all of your mistakes. Whether it be an email or an essay for school, just copy and paste it into google translate. Keep the language the same and have google read it to you. This could help you hear odd sounding sentences and even catch some minor typos.

5. Amazon

Millions of people buy things off of Amazon. However, did you know that prices sometimes drop shortly after you buy something? Of course you did! But did you know that if the price dropped within 7 days after you bought that product, you can call Amazon and they will refund you the price difference? That is extra money that you wouldn’t originally get back and if you are like most people in the world, you will love having some money back.

6. Worn on TV

If you have ever wondered what your favorite actors were wearing and where you could get it, then you don’t have to wonder any more. Worn on TV figures all of that out for you. They post the name of the attire, the company that sells it, the price, as well as a picture of the actor and the model of the attire. Now you can dress they way you always wished and look like a celebrity.

7. Google That Specific Page

Some people can’t remember how to find the article they were on a week ago, however, they know the website and the topic. That is enough information to find it through Google! All you need to do is type in the search bar “site:websitename.com topic” and then it should be on the first results page.

Many people have worked hard to solve a lot of today’s problems or inconveniences. Take advantage of their hard work and enjoy the time you save thanks to these online life hacks.

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