7 Tips for Publishing on Medium

August 30, 2016

6:00 pm

Medium – what exactly is its purpose? We understand that it is a platform for writers of any and all kinds, but is it also a social platform, like Facebook or Twitter, or is it somewhat of a publisher? And how can marketing fit into this relatively new phenomenon? The answer is this: Medium is growing exponentially in readership, and it is a cool place to be, whether you are a writer of literature, a content marketer or anything in between. Here is how you can use Medium for your marketing.

Post Your Content

You can re-post anything that is on your business blog, social media accounts, or something brand new. You can resurrect your older popular posts and publish them to an entirely new audience.

Choose a “Collection” (Now Called Publications)

Content is categorized into sets. Thus, there may be a set (publication) for fictional short stories. You can choose a publication that fits your niche, or you can create a new publication and give it a very cool title that will attract visitors.

Link Back to Your Website and/or Blog and More

There is a lot of flexibility for a content marketer to link back to sites and blogs, to places where the brand is popular and where reviews are positive. Within Medium itself, there are share buttons for all social media platforms as well as an additional button for “Recommend” so that readers can recommend reading your content to others on Medium.

Consider adding a CTA and ask readers to join an email list or try a product/service. You can send letters directly to your followers too. And if you post some very cool content on Medium, you can link to it from your other platforms.

Headlines, Content, and SEO

Headlines for normal blog content, as well as the content itself is geared to SEO and marketers are very mindful of those keyword terms/phrases. This becomes less of an element of importance now. However, as Adam Smith Director of Marketing at SEO Direct, has stated:

“Medium has their internal ranking algorithms pushing the stories to the tops of user’s feeds and promoting them to “best of the month” list. Social signals like internal likes and comments, plus external social shares play an important role here, along with the overall amount of views per month. Obviously, those go higher when your post is ranking for respective search terms in Google or other search engines.”

Use Visuals

You can use visuals as much if not more on Medium than you do on your blog or social media – And if you focus on visuals more than text, you have a shorter read. Lots of Medium visitors like shorter content. In fact, if it’s not literature, Medium reports that the most read items take about 7.25 minutes to read. Content that is all visual takes that read time down to an average of 2 minutes. Medium adds a read-time to every piece of content.

You Can Track Visits

You can track the visits to your content by placing tracking links through Google’s UTM tool. In this respect, then, you can analyze the effectiveness of your content just as you do for your blog and social media pages.

Medium also provides tracking. It will tell you how many visits your content has had, how long individuals stayed on your content and actually read it.

Additional Tactics to Try

  • Try posting on weekends. Fewer are posting then and you may get more reads.
  • Each piece of content can only be posted on one publication. You might try posting on really popular publications and see if you get more reads (and you will have a link to your site).
  • Ask readers to “recommend” your content.
  • Tweet your articles
  • Post content that has a 7-minute or less read time.
  • Post thoughtful and well-written responses to the most popular articles (they are on the front page). You will show up at the bottom.
  • Use a story format and relate your content to self-improvement if possible.

Medium is a unique platform – it’s sort of a mix of a social tool and a publishing venue for writers of all types. For those who are new to blogging, this is a great place to start. For businesses with established blogs, this is one more tool in your box to expand your readership and brand recognition. What have you got to lose?

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Dianna is a former ESL teacher and World Teach volunteer, currently living in France. She's slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies. You can tweet her at @dilabrien