8 Tech Companies Helping You Make Money Online

Maybe you need extra cash, maybe you want more, or maybe you’re just looking for a better way to spend your spare time. Whatever your needs, these eight tech companies are here to help you make money online, some even provide new career opportunities!


Sure you can make money from your blog by using Google Adsense, but there’s a less obtrusive way to make some money. Shoppable is like affiliate marketing on steroids, as it allows you to create an ecommerce store where you can to sell products on your blog without having to maintain inventory. Their Universal Checkout function makes it easy to sell any of the 25,000,000+ items from the Shoppable’s marketplace, or your own products, while providing your audience a good experience.


You don’t have to be Insta-famous to sell products on social media. CoFare gives you the chance to earn commissions from products you promote on your various social profiles.

Merchants register their products on the site, and you get paid whenever friends or followers purchase. You can also invite your favorite businesses (local or not) to register on CoFare, so you can promote their products. For many, this can be way to make extra money doing the same thing you’d do anyway – sharing things you enjoy with friends, family, and followers.

Apple (At Home Advisor)

Apple certainly isn’t the first big company to offer easy remote work opportunities (nor will they be the last). But given Apple’s vast following, this can be a great opportunity for a lot of people to make money online. The entry level position mostly involves answering customer service and support messages, and even part-time advisors get company benefits.

What’s special about this opportunity is that you also get the chance to work your way higher up in the company, instead of just, say, working part time for extra dough.


If you’re someone who enjoys learning about new brands or trying new products, this could be a great fit for you. Brands are always trying to create better user experiences for their websites, apps, and programs and UserTesting is a platform that pays you to give your 2 cents.

To get paid, you spend 20 minutes using a site or product, sharing your thoughts out loud, and videoing your process. You get $10 for every video, which means you could make an extra $30/hr online!

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Blog Mutt

Most marketers understand how important content is for their brand, but a lot of them don’t have the time or resources to create content in house. That’s where Blog Mutt comes in.

You can register as a writer on the platform, and create blog posts for brands who need them. Think of it like a step or 2 up from Fiverr, and just for writers. You start out getting paid a few bucks per post, and the more you create, the more you’ll earn per post.

blog ideas


People will always have questions, and JustAnswer is a way for experts to get paid to answer those questions directly. You can choose to work whenever you want for however long, and all you need to do is answer questions in real-time as they come into the system.

Payment varies depending on your niche (e.g. tech, healthcare, law, general, etc.), but JustAnswer seems to be one of the more profitable ways to make money online, especially for those with advanced degrees or several years of experience in one area.

Leapforce (Search Engine Evaluator)

We all turn to Google dozens of times a day for answers and resources. So why not get paid to help make that experience better for everyone?

Through Leapforce, you can earn money by critiquing Google search results for accuracy and relevance. It’s an analytical position, but comes with clear guidelines.

If you’re a bit techie and looking to make money online, what better way than by helping the Google giant itself?


Words are beautiful things, and, as digital natives, we’ve got plenty of experience typing them. Rev gives you the opportunity to make money off of this seemingly innate skill.

The company is always looking for flexible contractors to help them with their audio and video transcription services. All you need to do is take a screening test, and upon passing you’ll be able to transcribe recordings on your time to make a few extra bucks.

These tech companies can help you earn more money, find a new hobby, and may even open the door to bigger opportunities down the road.

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