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8 Tech Companies Helping You Make Money Online

money online, finance, finances

Maybe you need extra cash, maybe you want more, or maybe you’re just looking for a better way to spend your spare time. Whatever your needs, these eight tech companies are here to help you make money online, some even provide new career opportunities! Shoppable…

7 Ecommerce Companies That Can Help You Sell More

ecommerce user experience

Sometimes innovation comes as a paradigm shifting idea, and sometimes it comes as a simple tweak or mutation of common practices. These 7 companies bring innovation in all shapes and sizes to the world of ecommerce. Any one of them could help you sell…

How Should You Measure an Employee’s Leadership Potential?

leadership potential

If you’re lucky, one of your everyday employees will demonstrate an ability to manage people, delegate tasks, and take responsibility for ongoing projects. As someone in management, one of your duties is to pick out which employees have the most leadership potential when future positions…

7 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your App

There’s already an uphill climb to gain customers, and to get them to use your app is even more of an effort. App adoption rates are generally very low and as many as 78 percent of mobile apps will be abandoned after their first use….

6 Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Startup Logo

Startup Logo

Creating a business logo is incredibly important but also surprisingly simple. Honestly, you could start designing your logo right now and be done before bedtime. But before you get started, you should probably think through a few things. Here are six important questions to ask…

10 Startups to Watch in the On-Demand Economy

10 Startups to Watch in the Sharing Economy

Believe it or not, there’s more to the sharing economy than Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and your local communal workspace. It’s an entire ecosystem full of innovators, spanning the gamut of industries from healthcare to errands and beyond! And these are some of the other…

How Do On-Demand Workers Really Feel About Their Jobs?

As on-demand workers become an increasingly significant portion of the total workforce, there’s been plenty of debate about whether full-time on-demand workers should be offered benefits and pay like traditional full-time employees. Most of these workers are looking for stability, which is difficult to…

Outlook for Texting Startup Adds Platform to Landline, VOIP, 800 Numbers

On Monday, Chattanooga-based startup Text Request announced the release of their game-changing new feature enabling businesses to text-enable their phone numbers. The number hosting feature allows any business to add Text Request’s live, two-way texting dashboard to their current landline, VOIP, or toll-free number(s)…

Is There Any Media That Isn’t Social?

social media marketing

The UEFA Cup was going on recently, so of course we had games streaming in the background at our office. A group of us were in an impromptu meeting and missed Portugal’s goal against Iceland, and the replay. Oh no! The first thing I did was jump on…

9 Platforms to Find Top Tech Talent


As Seth Godin has famously noted, the purpose of entrepreneurship is to build something bigger than yourself, be it a product, company, or some paradigm-shifting innovation. Even compared to founding a startup, it’s particularly difficult to build something larger than yourself by just yourself….

Forget the Savings Account, Give Your Kids Social Media

parenting in the digital age apps

Influence is the currency of our generation. It has been for years, and the mainstream – both early and late adopters – have begun to realize this. What’s more, they’re doing something about it! As consumers and professionals flock to influencer marketing in droves,…

5 Experiences of Working for a Tech Startup

Namewhale Startup Name Generator App

Joining the world of tech startups isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s kind of like leaving your hometown for the first time. You enter this exciting new terrain, but the culture shock punches you in the face. It seems like only yesterday…

Are You Building a Startup or a Small Business?

Are You Building a Startup or a Small Business?

There are approximately 29 million small businesses in the United States, about 23 million of which are sole proprietorships. This doesn’t include non-profits, nor businesses with over 500 employees. Of the total 29 million, only 418,000 or so are labeled as startups. Clearly there’s…

What Should You Do with Your Round of Funding?

Chance Barnett Talks Title III and the Future for Crowdfunder

You’re part of a bootstrapping group of entrepreneurs living off of peanut butter sandwiches and coffee. You’re desperate for some form of sustainability. Or maybe you’re one of the top dogs in a five year-old company going through their fourth round of funding. Does…

Customer Promoting & Inhibiting Pressures: What to Know


I had a rather interesting conversation with someone not long ago. This person doubled their conversion rates simply by changing one line of text in the middle of 1,500 word page. I know what you’re thinking: “What in the world did they say?!” That’s a great question, and…

What Tech Marketers Could Learn from a Pen Company

What Tech Marketers Could Learn from a Pen Company

I absolutely love Pilot Pen. I’ve been using Precise V5’s for years, as loyally as any customer could. Every single piece I write (two or three a day) is first drafted with one of these magnificent pens. And I am in no way being…

6 Steps to Make the Most of Any Trade Show

Trade Show Startup Marketing 101

Everyone wants to talk about digital marketing. It’s fascinating, it’s ever-changing, and you can track every detail. But for a lot of entrepreneurs and startups, events like trade shows and conferences are still lucrative occasions – if you play your cards right. How should…