Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Android Phone Without Hacking

Not every Android smartphone can be rooted to access full administration privileges.

Some smartphones – like Alcatel One Touch – will resist most hacking attempts and leave you frustrated with a phone you can hardly manage in terms of memory occupation and boost in performance.

If you tried to root your phone to uninstall apps and remove unwanted files and functionalities, there are alternatives to hacking –  not as efficient, but helpful.

This short guide will help you save memory, improve apps and keep your system safe without admin privileges.

To Save Memory and Improve Apps

Be Selective with Your Apps and Pictures

Limit or deactivate as many as possible, so they won’t take up precious megabytes with data and cached files. Only keep what you really plan to use (or are already using).

Periodically Clean Your Files and Apps

Often the cache can fill up your memory. Sometimes thumbnails, logs and other data will occupy space that you need for other purposes. There are many Android apps that help you clean up your cache and manage your phone resources.

Don’t Install Any App You Don’t Have an Immediate Need for

Games and other non-necessary apps can get in the way of your system performance and hinder the performance of other necessary apps that need more space to run.

To Keep Your System Safe

Always Install App Upgrades to Keep the System Safe from Bugs

Upgrades exist to fix vulnerabilities in addition to add functionalities, so make sure all your apps are up to date and install any pending upgrades (Android will notify you automatically when there are new updates from app developers).

Be Careful About the Permissions a Certain App Requests of Your Phone

Before you upgrade or install a new app, check that you agree to the permission the app is asking of you. For example, if an app asks to access your text messages and the privilege is not a necessity (the app may be for note taking or audio recording), you may want to think twice before you install it, because access to unnecessary privileges exposes your phone to hacking attempts and spywares.

Find a Great Antivirus Program

Find an Android security program that will check your entire system for spywares and virus, and maybe even give youoptions to clean up potential threats.

Don’t Activate Apps That Threaten Your Privacy

Geolocalization and some preinstalled apps should stay offline if you don’t want to risk your privacy. Most Google apps and other preinstalled apps can’t be uninstalled without admin privileges, so make sure to keep them inactive at least.

Last but not least, always stay up to date with the last news about your phone and Android, as well as any risks they might expose users to.

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