Apple Watch Climbs the List of the Top Wearable Gadgets

The IDC released a new report, and Apple has moved into second place among wearables, thanks to the Apple Watch. If you’re wondering about who’s taken the lead, it’s Fitbit. It’s a pretty close race between Fitbit and Apple among the top wearable gadgets. Apple has reportedly shipped around 3.8 million units in the second quarter of 2015 and their figure is just 0.8 units less than Fitbit’s total units shipped. The figures clearly show that Apple has nearly 20% of the wearable market and Fitbit has somewhere above 25%. Throughout the entire industry, 18.1 million wearable gadgets were shipped in the second quarter, which saw an increase of 224.2% from the 5.6 million that were shipped during the same time but in the previous quarter.

Although Apple could be benefiting from the early buzz that surrounded the Apple Watch, IDC has said that it sees some really strong potential for the Apple Watch to keep accelerating its market share within the approaching months. Their company has mentioned that Apple is just getting started with their Watch, having only reached out to 18 markets and now even starting to sign agreements with some third-party dealers as well.

Reasons why people are still rushing behind Fitbit and not Apple

Below listed are the reasons behind people choosing Fitbit over Apple:

  1. Fitbit is the leading fitness tracker: As mentioned above, it can be easily said that Fitbit outsold the rest of the entire fitness tracking market apart from Apple. The entire industry saw a hike in sales during the holidays but Fitbit saw yet another spike during spring. According to the filing that Fitbit gave to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the month of May, they sold off 20.8 million devices between September and March.
  2. Shoppers particularly prefer Fitbit: Another thing that was interestingly found out was that when people usually buy the products of Fitbit online, the most common place is to get it from their own website. More than 45% of the online sales of the company take place from and this means that a majority of the products of Fitbit are sold online. This implies that people are particularly fond of Fitbit, more than Apple.
  3. Apple Watch and Fitbit are for different users: The Apple Watch and Fitbit’s fitness trackers are made for different kinds of users. Fitbit’s comparative price makes the number of audience wider than that of Apple. The devices of Fitbit are totally focused on fitness while on the other hand; the Apple Watch is an out-and-out smartwatch with more communication features apart from fitness-tracking functions. Less than 5% of people who have purchased Fitbit have also purchased Apple Watch but 12% of those who have purchased an Apple Watch have purchased Fitbit.

Therefore, while the battle of gadgets is still on, you can decide which side to go after taking into account the pros and cons of both the gadgets.

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